Bad days happen, don't let it ruin your week. Here are 5 simple lifestyle changes that we all need to practice more often

1. Be kind

It's a pretty simple concept.... it feels good to make other people smile. Kindness is an interpersonal skill, and will actually benefit YOU if you practice it. Kindness can spark new relationships or strengthen ones that already exist. Don't forget that kindness includes treating yourself with kindness and speaking to yourself with care.

2. Do something productive

Get an assignment done, make a list of goals, go for a walk or jog... do something that makes you feel productive. Being productive gives you a feeling of success, and purpose. It keeps you and your mind active and leaves you with a sense of achievement. Being active naturally relieves the stress and built-up anxiety from a rough day. Setting attainable goals, and successfully achieving them is motivating for yourself and pushes those around you as well. Doing something productive each day is key to both short-term and long-term happiness.

3. Try something new

Be adventurous and step out of your comfort zone... don't worry, good things will happen. Challenge yourself to try something new, it will enhance your personal growth and might even surprise you.

4. Meet up with friends or loved ones

Take time to hang with friends... this is a huge stress-reliever and can help you rebound after a not-so-good day.

5. Do something that inspires you

Paint, write a poem, draw, listen to your favorite playlist, write in your journal, watch the sun set, go outside and take photographs... do whatever it is that makes you feel inspired.