Roadtrip or not, some of the most haunted places might just be right in our backyard. Or close to it. In Illinois, if I wanted to, I could just drive to my towns haunted dead end or make a trip to Bachelor's Grove Cemetery but some haunted places are further and spookier to discover.

Buckle up, and take a trip to some of the most haunted spots throughout the United States.

Lost Souls of New Orleans, Louisiana

Louisana is known for it's Mardi Gras festivities with the beads throwing, food and everything else in between. But, the dead is just as alive amongst the living here in this southern state. New Orleans, for example, is a haunted hot spot in the state.

The St. Louis Cemetery in New Orleans is home to one of the most haunted places in the area. It is the oldest cemetery after all in the city. The Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau is a favorite ghost. Her ghost has been spotted wandering down the street and disappearing in plain sight.

Other haunted places include Arnaud's Restaurant where some have spotted the ghost of Count Arnaud themselves. There's also LaLaurie Mansion where a fire burnt the placed down and revealed some dark torture chambers with rumored-to-be souls of slaves wandering around.

Numbering the Ghosts in New Mexico

The St. James Hotel in Cimarron was a hotspot for wild-west shootouts back in it's hay day. On the dining room ceiling there are 22 bullets still wedge in it. Supposedly there where about 26 murders and the dead still haunt the hotel. But room 18 has former T.J. Wright haunting the area where his room remains unbooked.

Also in Cimarron, the Dawson Cemetery is supposedly one of the most haunted places in the state. Due to an explosion killing 263 men in the mines in 1913, then another disaster in 1923 killing 121 miners, the cemetery no wonders has restless souls wandering. There have been sightings of the miners' helmet lights and apparitions of the workers walking around.

More haunted hotspots include the Laposada Hotel located in Santa Fe, Kimo Theater in Albuquerque and much more.

Watching the Ghosts in Washington

Washington has more than just Seattle and the Space Needle, the pacific northwest state has some SERIOUS haunted areas to explore. One place is Tacoma's Old City Hall that is located in downtown Tacoma.

The bell tower is rumored to be haunted. The bell rings late at night or early in the morning when no is near the place. Police have also been called to investigate lights flashing on and off, unknown noises, fire and burglar alarms going off when there is no sign of forced entry.

Guards have also reported seeing shadow apparitions, and coughing of chamber members when there aren't any around. Gus the ghost supposedly moves the elevator up and down and unlock the doors.

Identifying the Hauntings in Iowa

Iowa has more than just corn and the presidential caucus. It has some famous haunt hotspots to check out. So buckle up my friends, I'm about to get into a few.

The Villisca Axe Murder house in Villisca, Iowa is home to at eight spirits. Two parents and their six children were found murdered in their beds on the day of Thursday, June 13th, 1912. The town went into a frenzy, reinforcing locks, carrying weapons and huddling together while sleeping with their families. Law enforcement was brought in from other counties and states but the case still remains unsolved.

It's rumored doors open and close on their own, there are sensations of pinching and shoving and random cold spots throughout.

Another famous hotspot is Fairview Cemetery. Specifically, the Black Angel statue. One resident reported strange sightings that the statue had left the pedestal and was flying around the grounds. Others have reported the statue to visit new graves at night. Some believe the Black Angel to be far more cynical such as if you look into her eyes at midnight you will soon be dead.

You can check out more haunted spots in Iowa on Travel Iowa's website.

Freakiness of Haunted Florida

Florida isn't just home to oranges and Disney World, it's home to the haunted Old Jail in Saint Augustine, East Martello Fort, Key West, and other haunted places.

St. Augustine jail was built in 1891 and held about 70 prisoners for more than 60 years. But like all old jails, its still home to souls of past prisoners. Visitors and staff have reported feeling cold spots, sounds of feet shuffling and seeing a large, shadowy figure who is believed to be Sheriff Perry.

It's said he is to be found around the Main Cellblock and stands about 6'5.

Down in Key West, East Martello is supposedly one of the most haunted places in Florida. Robert the doll who once belonged to a famous artist. But, during the artist's childhood, he blamed the doll for inexplicable events.

Such as, when talking to the doll it would respond in a different voice or his bedroom would be ransacked. The doll is believed to be possessed and cursed. Besides the doll, there have been reports of orbs of light, strange sounds and shadows.

You can find more of haunted hotspots throughout Florida on Ghosts and Gravestones website.

There you have it, some of the most haunted spots in five random states throughout the United States. So grab your friends, and go do some ghoul searching.