Haunted Houses

Haunted houses can be really fun if you go with the right people and you know how to handle them. So I have put together a list of Do's and Dont's to hopefully help you survive your next haunted house.

1) Do go with friends bigger the group the better, plenty of bonding experiences in a haunted house while you are being chased by a ax murder.

2) Don't take a friend that has a heart condition, he survived but we were honestly questioning who was gonna carry him out if he passed out!

3) Don't scream. They will make it so much worse if you scream, I learned that the hard way one followed me for a good minute.

4) Don't punch any of them in the face or kick them or just don't touch them at all.

5) Do laugh. Halloween is a really fun time and haunted houses are really fun if you make them so make the best of them!

6) Do eat at least a hour before going because depending on where you go you won't have a appetite after.

7) Do go later at night. The later the better.

8) Do be in the front of the line to each haunted house and DO NOT stop in the middle of the path way.

9) Don't wear nice cloths because some of them throw things on you and they say that the fake blood washes out but it actually doesn't!

10) Last but most important HAVE FUN!!!

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