Hate To Break It To You, But Being Fake Is So Not Cute

Hate To Break It To You, But Being Fake Is So Not Cute

"It's 2018, games are for children."

Since when is being fake in style? It shouldn't be. Females should be empowering others and focusing on unifying us all, not breaking the bonds of us all. The power of womanhood should inspire us all to be united. We should be coming together in tough times. I don't know who decided one day to pin girls against each other, but it needs to stop. Why go out of your way to just be mean? It doesn't take much work to just be nice and genuine, instead of tearing girls apart.

It is sickening to see women hate on women.

What happened to the future is female?

Scrolling through newsfeeds and seeing other woman comment hurtful things on another woman's post, just because of a different view or belief, is not okay. Yes, this is America, we all have freedom of speech. That doesn't mean it's okay to be hurtful if someone does not agree with you. We should not be focused on our differences, we should be focused on our similarities. We don't need to reverse history.

Being petty and fake just isn't cute, girly. So wipe that "resting bitch face" off. Start making friends and talking to people, just be REAL for once. There is something special about the trait of innocence. If we all were a little more innocent sometimes and less stuck in our ways, women could get along with everyone.

It's 2018, games are for children.

Don't be that petty girl and unfollow someone on Instagram just to prove a point.

Don't talk behind someone's back because you're mad at them, confront them.

Don't comment on someone's post to start a fight, let them be.

Just don't be fake. Plain and simple.

Remember, being fake never looks cute.

Cover Image Credit: Alayna Robertson

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One place you should not go is a grocery store, I went to Meijer and I was MISERABLE.

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