love the artist but dislike the decisions

I will admit at a young age, I loved Taylor Swift. I even had multiple albums from her. The older I got I started to have a hate/love relationship with Taylor as a female artist. There are many positives and negatives when it comes to Taylor Swift's music and the platform she had built for herself. There are also many people on each side to back if they like her or dislike her. Whether you like her or not, Taylor Swift has made it huge with the way she has created her career.

First I will start on a positive note with my feelings about Taylor Swift. Even if you don't exactly like her music, from a business standpoint she has done amazing. She has found her perfect demographic and worked her hardest to give them the type of music they like while also creating music she is proud of. She very carefully plans out when she is going to release different music and post pictures or tweets to coincide with her music at the time. She has grown with her audience and has branched out into different styles while also staying similar to her brand people are used to.

I've never gone to her concerts but from the many times my friends a made me watch her concert from her movies, you can tell she a positive influence on her fans. She is huge on giving back to her fans and always trying to make them feel included from her music videos dedicated to them or having surprise visits to see them. Not many famous people in this day in age are that loyal to their fans.

While there is a lot of good when it comes to Taylor Swift as an artist, there are a few things I disagree with. I understand that she started off singing love songs and heartbreak which then became her brand and she might not want to venture too far from that but she is now twenty age years old. I personally don't think someone that old should be writing some of the songs she writes. While it might not be just her picking her songs that are released from her albums when they are new, I think she has a lot of pull in the matter. A lot of the songs that are released from her album or the songs that seem more childlike or songs that will lead people to assume more drama between different artist is happening.

I personally believe that Taylor Swift is better than that because after having multiple friends who play her music constantly, I hear how good some of her songs are. I don't think she needs songs like "Look What You Made Me Do," this song had so many hidden meanings that throw shade at different artist and people. I have heard her full album many times; I personally think that she has so many other songs that could have been released. I think dragging her drama with Kanye and Kim into her newest album wasn't necessary. Repeating the line "look what you made me do", Kanye and any other artist didn't make you write a song. I think her music should speak for itself and she should stick to her songs that focus on her strong vocals and writing skills.

Overall, I don't hate Taylor Swift. I think it is very difficult to be famous and since I am not in the spotlight of all of this craze I can't even predict how I'd act. Which is why I have a hate/ love relationship with her. Her music and skill level as an artist is amazing but I don't always agree with a lot of her songs and decisions.

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