Has The Rain A Father?
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Has The Rain A Father?

How could I ask God who He is, when He tells us that He is the one who brings rain on a land where no man is? ...Not even Superman could do that.

Has The Rain A Father?

Have you ever wondered who God is? Please tell me you have, because a day doesn't go by when I don't try to figure it all out somehow. I haven't been able to fully comprehend His greatness and I never will. Our human brains aren't capable of understanding His wonders; He simply doesn't work the way we do.

Too many a time, I sat through sermons trying to explain just how great our God is. We sing, "our God is greater, our God is stronger..." To me, it just doesn't seem worth it to try and figure out how God provides, how God blesses us, how God loves us, why God cares for us, why God died for our sins. Growing up, I couldn't help but think, "why can't everyone be just okay with not knowing all of this stuff without asking a million questions?" I wondered why we couldn't be satisfied with God's grace and leave it at that.

This semester, I am taking a general education Biology course. The difference between the BIO325 I am taking and the general education Biology course at a public university is that faith integration is a key component of the curriculum. Yes, we certainly learn all the same fundamentals that are expected in a general education Biology course, but we are required to intertwine the creation account found in Genesis within our research. The debate between science and Christianity is as old as the ages, and that is a discussion for a different time. With the general knowledge that the Biblical creation account and the 'Big Bang Theory' simply cannot compare to one another, we discuss God's creations in terms of science and nature. We talk about who created these biological findings, and just how these things came to be.

As I was reading through my Bible in preparation for my presentation on fossil fuels and minerals a few weeks ago, I came upon a chapter of scripture I had never read before. Job 38:4-38 left me without a single doubt that God is the creator of all things:

4 Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?

Tell me, if you have understanding.

5 Who determined its measurements—surely you know!

Or who stretched the line upon it?

6 On what were its bases sunk,

or who laid its cornerstone,

7 when the morning stars sang together

and all the sons of God shouted for joy?

8 Or who shut in the sea with doors

when it burst out from the womb,

9 when I made clouds its garment

and thick darkness its swaddling band,

10 and prescribed limits for it

and set bars and doors,

11 and said, ‘Thus far shall you come, and no farther,

and here shall your proud waves be stayed’?

12 Have you commanded the morning since your days began,

and caused the dawn to know its place,

13 that it might take hold of the skirts of the earth,

and the wicked be shaken out of it?

14 It is changed like clay under the seal,

and its features stand out like a garment.

15 From the wicked their light is withheld,

and their uplifted arm is broken.

16 Have you entered into the springs of the sea,

or walked in the recesses of the deep?

17 Have the gates of death been revealed to you,

or have you seen the gates of deep darkness?

18 Have you comprehended the expanse of the earth?

Declare, if you know all this.

19 Where is the way to the dwelling of light,

and where is the place of darkness,

20 that you may take it to its territory

and that you may discern the paths to its home?

21 You know, for you were born then,

and the number of your days is great!

22 Have you entered the storehouses of the snow,

or have you seen the storehouses of the hail,

23 which I have reserved for the time of trouble,

for the day of battle and war?

24 What is the way to the place where the light is distributed,

or where the east wind is scattered upon the earth?

25 Who has cleft a channel for the torrents of rain

and a way for the thunderbolt,

26 to bring rain on a land where no man is,

on the desert in which there is no man,

27 to satisfy the waste and desolate land,

and to make the ground sprout with grass?

28 Has the rain a father,

or who has begotten the drops of dew?

29 From whose womb did the ice come forth,

and who has given birth to the frost of heaven?

30 The waters become hard like stone,

and the face of the deep is frozen.

31 Can you bind the chains of the Pleiades

or loose the cords of Orion?

32 Can you lead forth the Mazzaroth in their season,

or can you guide the Bear with its children?

33 Do you know the ordinances of the heavens?

Can you establish their rule on the earth?

34 Can you lift up your voice to the clouds,

that a flood of waters may cover you?

35 Can you send forth lightnings, that they may go

and say to you, ‘Here we are’?

36 Who has put wisdom in the inward parts

or given understanding to the mind?

37 Who can number the clouds by wisdom?

Or who can tilt the waterskins of the heavens,

38 when the dust runs into a mass

and the clods stick fast together?

So, who is God to you? To me, He is the one who can number the clouds by wisdom. He is the way to the dwelling of light. He has begotten the drops of dew. He is my King, and I am His daughter.

How could I ask God who He is when he tells us that He is the one who brings rain on a land where no man is? ...Not even Superman could do that.

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