Harry Styles Is The Kindest And Purest Human To Exist

Everyone has their favorite celebrities and idols who inspire them daily. Harry Styles is an underrated man, in my eyes. Many people believe he's a typical "boy band member," whatever that means, and assume he's all about himself. Of course, not everyone is going to like the celebrities you like, but as a girl who holds Harry extremely close to her heart, I'm going to defend him until the end.

Harry has never been one to really care about what people think of him. He dresses the way he likes, and doesn't let others dictate that his clothes are too "out there" or "weird." He simply chooses his wardrobe to express himself and what he likes. That right there is an example to his fans that they can wear anything that they are comfortable in. A lot of young boys and girls are afraid to express themselves in the fashion world because they care what others think. Harry is breaking that insecurity for a lot of his audience.

Of course, Harry started off his career in the widely known band, One Direction, who are currently on "hiatus." The boys were young when the band was formed in 2010, and since have grown with many of the fans and gained a vast amount of young ones along the way with their pop music. Harry recently defended his young, specifically female, audience when it was brought up in an interview in April that a majority of his fans were teenage girls (if you haven't heard his new album, it's quite different than the pop music you're used to from One Direction). Harry, as he always does, immediately jumped to the defense of the girls who support him through it all, telling the interviewer at Rolling Stones that "young girls are our future" and that "if they like you, they're there. If they like you, they tell you." Bless his heart.

Unknown to many, Harry isn't unfamiliar with charity work. He's usually pretty low-key about it, doing things randomly and out of the kindness of his heart. A couple of years ago, Ed Sheeran told an interviewer that Harry had gone out on one of his off days in L.A and bought pizzas, passing them out to some of the homeless people he'd meet. On a separate day, at a different period of time, he had spent the day visiting children and teens at the Lalela Project charity, which supports those affected by poverty express themselves. Another popular charity work Harry has done was for Red Nose Day in 2013, when he and his other bandmates visited a hospital in Ghana to film a promotion for the charity day.

Not only is Harry just a genuinely kind and loving person, he's such a role model to his fans. He spreads love through his social media messages, reminders of being kind to everyone, and just some positive vibes for the world. As stupid and typical as it may sound, Harry has been a great influence in my life, especially when I've felt the most alone. I feel as though instead of being a fan-and-celebrity relationship, we are much more like long distance friends. Harry Styles has done a lot for me in the six years I have been following his music, without ever even meeting me, and I will defend the man for the rest of my days.

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