Harry Styles' 'Fine Line': a track-by-track review
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Harry Styles' 'Fine Line': a track-by-track review

An unofficial guide of Harry Styles' latest album from a fan herself.

Harry Styles' 'Fine Line': a track-by-track review

The highly anticipated new album, 'Fine Line', from artist Harry Styles has finally arrived.

Since the release of Styles' debut album in 2017, fans (myself included), have been eager for new music. 'Fine Line' is an introspective look into the life of the singer himself that draws inspiration and pays tribute to some of the greatest genres of music.

Here are my thoughts, track-by-track, of 'Fine Line.'


This high-energy homage to 70s soft rock opens the album with a splash of color and life that shines throughout the rest of the album. The song communicates a bittersweet truth wrapped within the bright vocals and layered harmonies. "I know you were way too bright for me" Styles confesses in the first verse, implying the acceptance of a relationship that began with an end.

The closest analogy I can relate this song to is the stages of the sun. There's the build-up of dawn, the time spent basking in the warm sun ("browns my skin just right."), and the sunset that brings a beautiful end to the day. The sunset is reflected in Styles' near-pleading tone in the final verse, "I don't want to be alone."

Watermelon Sugar

'Watermelon Sugar' is the perfect fruity jam to blast on a summer's day. Even though this album was just released now in December, everything about this song makes me want to spend a day at the beach.

Adore You

Styles mentioned that 'Adore You' is the "poppiest song on the album." With a catchy melody and upbeat chorus, this is one of the best songs to belt out with friends. I know I've definitely been caught humming this fun song a couple of times.

Lights Up

'Lights Up' was one of the first singles that Styles released leading up to the album. Before the full album was out, it's safe to say that I had this song on repeat for weeks. This song is a refreshing taste of the Harry Styles sound that we had so dearly missed since the release of his first album in 2017.


One of my favorite songs on the album, 'Cherry' is a soft, simple, yet powerful look inside one of Styles' most personal battles, that of stinging jealousy. Styles embeds audio clips of ex Camille Rowe speaking in French throughout the song. Rowe greets the listeners with a playful "coucou" at the beginning of the song. "Coucou" in French can be translated to "hello" in English. The clip continues to play in the background throughout the song. Styles goes on to confess some of his deepest struggles with phrases like "I can tell that you are at your best / I'm selfish so I'm hating it."

At first listen, it's difficult to imagine how this song is actually Styles' confession of pure jealousy. Personally, that is the main reason why this song is my favorite off the album. I love songs with "layers" that you have to listen to a few times to understand the depth of what the songwriter is saying.


With references like the "Beachwood Cafe" and the heartbreaking cry that dominates the bridge, 'Falling' gives us a raw display of emotion that may make it one of the most personal songs on the album. This power ballad awakens some of the same moods of empathy that Styles evoked in his debut self-titled album, 'Harry Styles'.

To Be So Lonely

Guitarist and Styles' songwriting side-kick, Mitch Rowland composed the lively guitar riff that carries throughout 'To Be So Lonely.' There's something so deeply unique, and almost haunting, about the guitar riff that gives this song a whole new life and makes it seem like that guitar has a mind of its own.


'She' is the song off this album that gives me the heaviest David Bowie vibes. The whimsical lyrics like "he takes a boat out, imagines just sailing away" are much like the imaginative world described in 'Space Oddity.' The purposeful bass that loops in and out of the verses also reminds of Bowie's sound.

Another theme that I personally noticed was that of gender and exploration. There's something about this track that flirts with both spectrums of masculinity and feminity. Lyrics in the verse remain masculine using terms like "mates" and dropping imagery like a man dropping his kids off at school. In the chorus, Styles sings "She's the first one that I see, and I don't know why / I don't know who she is." Could this be a question of exploration of another side of Styles?

With its dreamy verses paired with a powerful chorus, 'She' makes for one of my favorite songs on 'Fine Line.'

Sunflower, Vol. 6

A celebration of creativity and a combination of synth rhythms, Sunflower, Vol. 6 is the quirky bop that could follow any song on a Vampire Weekend playlist. To me, the escalating harmonies and layered voices are reminiscent of that of the iconic orchestrations of Queen.

Canyon Moon

The lively guitar and fun chorus make for this fresh take on the soft rock of the 60s. This song will definitely have you tapping your foot and bopping your head along.

And honestly, I have to agree with Stevie Nicks. Since she identified 'Canyon Moon' as her favorite song off the album.

Treat People With Kindness

This song is the perfect burst of positive energy that's so needed in music today. Nowadays, it can be rare to find artists releasing feel-good songs with genuine positive intentions. Styles' improvisations paired with the gospel choir is a mood-booster you just can't go wrong with.

Fine Line

Styles brings his album to a close with the soft folk-ballad, 'Fine Line.' This track had me double-checking the album's acknowledgments hoping to find the name Bon Iver alongside the album's contributors. From the horns, layered harmonies, and folk simplicity, this song reminded me of some of the classics of the folk.

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