Harry Styles Dropped Fine Line, And It Did Not Disappoint
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Harry Styles Dropped Fine Line, And It Did Not Disappoint

Watermelon sugar high off of Harry's new album, am I right ladies?

Harry Styles Dropped Fine Line, And It Did Not Disappoint
Harry Styles

December 13, 2019 is a day that will go down in history, for on that day, the man, myth, and legend Harry Styles gifted the world with Fine Line, and boy, he did not disappoint.

With twelve songs and a diverse set of sounds, Harry set out to make an album that would please everyone.

I have been such a Harry fan since his One Direction days, I even have a little 2012 Harry bobble head that still has a spot in my room. Judge me for it.

Despite loving Harry so much, I never would have expected this album. It blew me away.

Every song on the album is a little bit different and shows just how artistically different Harry is so he would stop be constantly compared to One Direction. You can almost feel his inspiration through the album. Call me a loser for thinking so, but those rock and roll influences are clearly there for the modern era.

The album kicks off with his feel-good song "Golden". Honestly, after already hearing the songs released before the album dropped, this gave me such high hopes for the rest of the album. The background harmonies and happy-go-lucky beat all whilst being called "golden" by Harry Styles himself had me swooning, and onto the next one with a heart full of happy beats.

"Watermelon Sugar" is able to hold its own in this album, it's catchy, it's a pop song but it still feels like it has a different sound. Following that is "Adore You", which to me is a radio song. With simple lyrics, a pop beat, and the same five words over and over, it was another song to swoon over, because Harry Styles. It didn't hold the same feeling as the rest of the album did to me, it almost felt like it could be anybody's song.

"Lights Up" was harder to get into for me for a little while, but after playing it a few times I realized I underrated it entirely and it is another whole bop. Then we have "Cherry" which again, has a feel-good, folky vibe that made me smile, but the lyrics are sad. Listen to them, I mean really listen them, he loves this girl he's talking about and she loves someone else but she is with him all the time in his style and his own friends. Who hurt Harry so badly that made the rest of us able to relate so hard?

Of course there is "Falling" which has simultaneously made all of us sob together for weeks? It's a somber, slow ballad that is absolutely heartbreaking for anyone who listens. When you listen to Harry hold his "again" in the line "I get the feeling that you'll never need me again" it is so gut-wrenching, even if you can't necessarily relate. I even had a friend tell me about this song and how much I would love it before I got the chance to listen to the album. It got to me, I guess I am just that sad of a human being that I relate to the sad songs the most, and this one did it for me. It has been added to my Spotify "heartbreak playlist".

"To Be So Lonely", okay sir, you have done it again. This song is so vibe-y for lack of a better word. With short strums of the guitar and quick cut-off lyrics and playfulness, this song brought a whole new sound to the table. Speaking of different, we have "She", a six-minute masterpiece full of drama.

"Sunflower, Vol. 6", "Canyon Moon", and "Treat People With Kindness" are three more sounds from Harry that I just did not expect. He once again has shown that music can come together but be influenced by so many different sounds. From another vibe-y song, to a more folk sound to a song with a full ensemble. Harry has it all. Finally finishing off with "Fine Line", as in the name of the album, another six minute spectacle that has a full sounding orchestra behind it.

If there is one thing I have learned from this album is that Harry is still finding his specific style, but he has created solid gold in the process. Fine Line shows us that Harry has learned some lessons from the greats. He has taken some chances in the realms of folk and pop-rock that have proven music can still be timeless today, make you feel on top of the world and under it, that will endure.

Harry, my boy, you have come a long way from One Direction to your first solo album to this, but we will all be here on the rest of the ride, because you clearly never disappoint.

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