If you're anything like me, every dollar earned goes into buying something new, and Harry Potter paraphernalia is no exception. So, if you're looking to buy something magical, here are 10 items that should be in your cart.

1. Butterbeer Chapstick

The only thing better than the delicious smell of your favorite wizard treat is the feeling of your properly moisturized lips.

2. These pencils

These pretty pencils are wrapped with quotes from The Deathly Hallows, to help you think of Harry while you write your own masterpieces.

3. A 9 and 3/4 necklace

With this cute accessory, you'll never forget where to find the infamous Hogwarts Express.

4. A Deathly Hallows sticker

You can take your obsession on-the-go by sticking this on the back of your phone or laptop.

5. These cute shorts

Honor your house by representing them with these summery shorts.

6. The "Advanced Potion Making" journal

A journal worthy of the Half-Blood Prince.

7. This shirt

This coveted tee has the names of all the books- not that you'd ever forget them.

8. A snitch ring

Whether you have always wanted to be a seeker or want your own personal keepsake from Harry's Quidditch experience, this is the jewelry for you.

9. The Marauder's Map puzzle

Put together the 1000 pieces and discover the secrets within Hogwarts.

10. The Trivial Pursuit game

Prove your knowledge to your friends with a new twist on this classic board game.

Buy any one of these to make your daily life magical!