Because I go to college so far away (Chicago to Harrisonburg is an 11-hour drive) I have been wanting to get a cat for my apartment. Something that can comfort me when I am anxious and just be there when I need to unwind. Trust me, I have a feeling I am going to need it this year.

I think my mom has given in... After some negotiation and compromise. But she was initially opposed because it would be a bit difficult bringing the cat home and having it in the house with the other cats. I honestly think it would be OK, though, and if it helps me have something to cuddle, then what's the harm?

Cats have been a part of my life since I can remember. I am vegan, but I have never been that into every animal, especially dogs, but I have always had a special connection to cats. They honestly have always felt like my spirit animal, not only because they just kind of do their own thing, but they can also be very affectionate when they want to. So, having one with me feels right. Last year, when I lived in a dorm, it was weird not having a cat around and sometimes I thought that I heard my cat, Indiana, meowing. Animals are an important part of pretty much anyone's life.

College can get a little lonely, especially if you are introverted or have a hard time making friends like me. A pet could be just the thing you need to make you feel at home and like you have support with you every day.

If you feel like you want a cat or dog (that would require more work, so I would think about it really hard) or a snake (I kind of want one but don't know if it is hard or not) or a bunny (they are just really cute) just tell your parents all the reasons you feel like you need a friendly face while you are away from home. Something to come home to and it can be your own, something you can take care of. You could even pull out the responsibility card because I am sure having a living thing to take care of would make anyone more responsible.

Make sure you actually have the means to take care of it, though, or else they may not trust you with other things in the future. So, if you really want to convince your parents to let you get a pet, just tell them that you have the means and drive to take care of it, you are responsible and it will teach you even more responsibility, it will help you feel less homesick and lonely, and it will comfort you and make you feel comfortable while at college. There that's all you need.