Maybe it's just me, but I really think that our generation has it so much harder than previous ones. You hear your parents talk about how they were married, living on their own, and in their career by the time they were 22 — all without even going to college. Then there's us, struggling to get into a career after four years of higher education that our parents never even got. Why is that?

Why are we doing more and seeing fewer results? Why has the standard become significantly higher than ever before?

I wish things were the same as they were back then. Not because I'm lazy or because I don't want to work hard to get the life I want. But why should we have to work twice as hard and stress out twice as much to never get to where our parents are? I just don't understand how the world has changed completely and left our generation in the dust.

Why is it that 20 years ago you could get a decent paying career with benefits without a college degree, but today you're lucky if you find a decent job with a college degree? Why should I pay literally thousands of dollars for college to still be wondering if I'll even find steady employment?

I just want answers as to why this is how we are forced to live now — forced to compete, forced to be constantly worrying about the future. I'm not lazy, I just want to know that my education will pay off in the long run.