Kids are so fun to work with for so many different reasons. Working with kids is one of the best jobs out there. Here are the reason why I love to work with kids.

1. A lot of energy

The kids have so much energy and I love how all of the energy just wants to keep going and keep on playing and never wanted to stop playing. The kids have a great personality and it's fun to play with the kids who have a great personality and at the end of the day that's when the kids will get tried, and I keep the kids busy all day.

2. It's a lot of hard work

It's so much work to work with kids because you have to watch them all the time, especially the little ones because they are always putting object in their mouth. You also have to think about if kids are allergic to nuts, peanut butter so that is hard to keep track of. For me it's a lot easier to count the number of kids you have in your group so you can get a head count. It very easy to lose them and it's hard to keep track of how many kids you have in your group.

3. A different kind of job

It's a different job with working the kids because it's a lot of work and it's such a different experience because of how much work there is to do with it and the amount of energy you need to keep up with the kids. The kids are a handful just because of how much work and planning goes into the day and because you have to help them get their lunch out.

I've been working with kids since the summer of 2012 and I love my job even know its only runs for 5 weeks out of the Summer and I really liked it but it's so much work because you can't take your eyes off the kids because if you do, you can lose out on the kids in a minute. In the past summer of me working at my camp i have never lost any of my camper that because I count my kids and see where all of them are.