My Dearest Florence,

On January 9, 1995, the world was blessed with a wonderful gal named Christina, and guess what? That's you! Twenty-two years later and you're still my best friend. I thought since twenty-two isn't a huge birthday, I'd make it one by writing an article about you.

Having your best friend as your cousin is honestly the best because we are always going to have to love each other no matter what. It is seriously my favorite thing knowing that I can walk across the street and I am at your house. Knowing that you are literally always there, whether or not you know I am coming or not. I want to thank you for always supporting me on everything. Whether it was a decision or something I did, you are always by my side.

Thank you for treating me more like a sister than a cousin, and even more like a sister than just a friend. Thank you for sticking by my side during my darkest days, and being there to enjoy my lightest days as well. Thank you for helping me become an adult along with you, even though being an adult sucks! Thank you for letting your puppies be mine, and your brothers mine too. Most importantly, thank you for being the role model I have looked up to for as long as I can remember. I only hope one day I can be half the woman that you are.

Always remember how much people love you, and to never stop following your heart. Have a wonderful birthday, and remember I love you always.

Enjoy your day, Wilma