Happiness Quest

There's something we as humans all share. A collective want for something that we can't always have on our own. Happiness - common ground that everyone is obsessed with. I guess the undeniable question is how do we achieve happiness? What is the underlying force that allows us to find our own personal nirvana? Can we truly be happy? What is true happiness?

We are not alone in our search for answers. Dr. Maria Sanders of Plymouth State University has decided to submerge herself along with many others in the search for happiness. The best part is, were all invited to join.

October 22nd will be the kickoff date for the year-long event "Happiness Quest". In your willingness to participate all you are asked to do is fill out a survey, more or less rating your happiness level. Throughout the year, there are going to be events streamlined towards a life of happiness. The entire town of Plymouth is invited to take part in this, tying together the community and the college population. There are going to be 35 different activities throughout the year that will all focused more or less on an aspect of life, in retrospect to happiness. All activities are family friendly, and college friendly. It's going to be an amazing way to make ties with people we would never have met in our own routines and a way to be happier.

If you're looking for something new, thought provoking, and a ton of fun: come check out The Happiness Quest! From 10am-2pm on October 22nd were kicking off a year full of strides towards happiness. Stay posted at your local shops for speciality items on the menu that are a part of the Happiness Quest. We hope to see you all there!

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