What Is Happiness?
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What Is Happiness?

It is a choice.


Happiness may be going on a trip in unknown territory and trying new food, but it is also waking up and deciding that you're going to be happy today. The perfect definition might not ever be captured to describe what it means to be happy, but we will never stop trying to explain it.

Happiness won't be achieved AFTER you retire or AFTER you get done your shift. It has to be made through you by the little things that can help lift you up. You just have to find them and then allow them to bring you joy so that you don't ever rush through your precious time here on this Earth.

Throughout my spiritual journey, I had a hard time finding bliss in the mundane things, since I was so caught up with all of this newfound knowledge. I didn't want to have to deal with the boring things in life so I was dragging myself down.

From speaking with my boyfriend about the struggle, he told me that there has to be a balance within it all and that I needed to mend everything up so that I can enjoy both the mundane and all the other experiences that I was encountering. He was basically speaking what I've been preaching to the world, so I made the choice to put it into practice.

I never really enjoyed cleaning since I always found it to be exhausting. I've been making small progress every other day so that it doesn't cut too much of my energy. I've been finding peace in organizing and getting rid of old clothes and paper scraps that no longer fit into my lifestyle; it's been surprisingly enjoyable.

I talked about finding joy in the small things in Things Add Up To Happiness, where I talk about appreciating what you currently have.

I've also talked about this topic previously in Heaven Is A State of Mind, but it lacked an opposing side. I do see the challenges that people can be confronted with that can make it seem like they're incapable or unworthy of receiving such harmony. I do see why happiness can seem difficult to reach, especially when the feeling means different things to many people depending on their values.

But if people stop reaching for it when it's been with them the entire time, they can see that it's a simple decision.

Happiness doesn't require spending money all the time, nor does it come with rules to abide by. That's what makes the word seem illusory... like it doesn't exist.

Happiness is acceptance of where you're at right in this very moment. It gets blocked off when you yearn for something constantly rather than soak up what you have in front of you. It is also embracing change when it comes unexpectedly, instead of moping around that things aren't the same.

It's being true to yourself and letting your ego take a seat in the passenger seat, as I talked about in Don't Let Your Ego Control You. It's living in the moment, instead of reliving the past or making scenarios happen in your head that didn't happen.

At the end of the day, it all falls on the decisions you made. Soon enough, you'll be able to define your own happiness and manifest your life into a better one.

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