Happily Ever After
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Happily Ever After

10 things I learned from Cinderella.

Happily Ever After

"Cinderella" made me feel all sorts of emotions. First, that I may be forever alone. I, myself, want that happily ever after, but until I have a boyfriend, that's very unrealistic. Secondly, it made me feel hope for the world, that there may actually be people who notice and appreciate the little things. But thirdly, "Cinderella" reminded me of things I hear, but fail to remember to tell myself. Here are my favorite 10.

1. Have courage, and be kind!

To me, these were the most important words Cinderella was ever told. Her mother, even after her death, remained her #1 inspiration because of them. But they are words that I need as a daily reminder. Even when I feel as though my world is falling apart, I need to remember to have courage. With even just a tiny bit, the bad things don't seem as bad as they used to, and life becomes a tad bit easier. And if you're kind, people will reciprocate your kindness and will cheer you up when you're blue!

2. Hard work pays off.

Cinderella had a work ethic that I am envious of. No matter how she felt, she disregarded it and got her work done. She put her mind on a goal and didn't stop until she got there. No matter how many times she had scrubbed the atrium floor, she did it again just to satisfy her stepmothernot necessarily to the stepmother's standards, but to hers. I would've mopped it and said it was done, but no, Cinderella was down on her hands and knees and kept that floor sparkling! Even though her stepmother didn't reward her, in the end, Cinderella ended up getting a better life, one that she wanted to live and didn't mind doing chores for!

3. Singing helps keep a cheerful heart.

Cinderella sings no matter what she is doing. My personal favorite song is "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes." Even though the clip below shows her whole story, I think the song is beautiful and inspirational. Not only is it beautifully sung, but also the words are what we need to hear! Cinderella's singing helps her get through her day, just as it helps me get through mine, especially my car karaoke on my way to school!

4. Don't be afraid to cry.

We all know what happened when Cinderella cried—afairy godmotherappeared!! In the modern film, Helena Bonham Carter appearedI mean, nothing gets better than that!!! But realistically, crying can just make you feel better. You might not get to make wishes and have them granted, but crying can take some weight off of your shoulders. And be honest, we all know we cry anyway, it's nothing to be ashamed about. And whether you think so or not, someone is ready to listen and cry with you!

5. Some wishes may come true.

When Cinderella cried, magical things happened, besides Helena Bonham Carter's appearance! She was able to have her wishes granted: she received a beautiful dress, carriage, horses, watchmen, and shoes! GORGEOUS SHOES! But, just because we aren't Cinderella, doesn't mean we shouldn't make wishes. I still throw coins into fountains and make wishes at 11:11 in hopes that a few may come true. And when they do, it feels great! But if not, oh well, dreams may still come true.

6. Have faith in people around you.

Cinderella had friends, but not the kind we do. Her friends, mice and rats, pulled through for her on the best night of her life! They were turned into watchmen, henchmen, and horses, and were able to escort Cinderella on her life-changing night. Likewise, our friends can be there for us on the days we are down. They can also help us get through these rough years ahead of us. Have faith in them, as they will be there for you, even on your worst days.

7. It's okay to have fun!

With her stepmother and stepsisters at the dance, Cinderella was somewhat hesitant to dance with the Prince at his ball, but once she did, she had a blast! She let herself go and had fun. In doing so, Cinderella fell in love! But for the rest of us, it's okay to take a break from studying, or a break from life, and enjoy ourselves. Go get pampered, go sky diving, go exploring, go live, and have fun!

8. Taking your shoes off is a relief.

Although Cinderella wanted to keep her shoes on to keep the night rolling, it was a blessing that one fell off! After a long day of classes, or work, or life, it feels great to be able to relax. But, for Cinderella, losing her shoe led to her happily-ever-after! So for her, it was a relief, because it allowed her to gain a better life, and one with a handsome hunk.

9. Be patient.

After the ball, Cinderella ran home and got back to doing her chores. Nothing changed around the house, but it did around the kingdom. The prince wanted his princess. He was circling town, with her lost shoe, trying to find her. When The Grand Duke approaches Cinderella's house, she waits and then tries to break loose, but it is The Grand Duke that hears her and has her room unlocked for her to come down. Patiently she waited as he placed the shoe on her foot, and then she became the princess. Even though at times she was restless, she was patient in waiting for the prince to find her. Likewise, we need to be patient and go through the steps to achieve our dreams, whether they are medical school, dental school, going to Mars, or otherwise, patience is key!

10. It's okay to be happy.

In the end, we all learn from Cinderella that it is okay to be happy! It is okay for our dreams to come true. Because in the end, we will learn to love ourselves through them. If Cinderella can become happy and get her Prince Charming, then I can too be happy and become the doctor I want to be!

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