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Hamilton Feels

The Musical storming the Nation

Hamilton Feels

Like many people, I've listened to the Hamilton Soundtrack many times. I plan on saving up to purchase tickets to it in Boston for my boyfriend and I because he's the one who hooked me on it. And of course, I've made many attempts to sing Eliza's songs because *wow*.

Hamilton is, a musical about Alexander Hamilton, his life, his political pursuits, and his family. To be honest many of these things I would have overlooked my entire life. I didn't particularly like Alexander Hamilton, all I'd heard about him was miniature details in the course of my AP US History class, and also that he'd cheated on his wife. After listening to this musical (the many, many.....many times I have), my view is pretty different.

So what exactly gives the fans the feels?

1.Obviously, the songs.

Lin-Manuel was almost strategic in the music, like a battlefield general. Instead of killing his enemies, he broke his fan's hearts time and time again. Of course, in the best kind of way possible. There was a beautiful irony in many of the songs as well, like the loving song from Burr and Hamilton to their young children "Dear Theodosia". One of the lyrics is "Someday, someday/ yeah you'll blow us all away", which is sung to both Theodosia Burr and Phillip Hamilton. So what's the irony in that? Phillip is shot to death in a duel at the age of 19, so he is literally blown away. Theodosia was lost at sea at the age of 29, presumably due to a storm. I guess you could say her ship was "blown away". Pun intended....sorry.

2. The cast!

Honestly, when I think of Alexander Hamilton I don't think of the man pictured on the $10 bill. I now think of Lin-Manuel in costume with a ponytail. It's almost difficult to imagine the cast judging on their voices alone because this cast was so diversely cast (woo!). By just listening to their soundtrack, I feel the casting was spot on. In the song "Burn", Phillipa Soo (Eliza Hamilton, once Eliza Schuyler), artistically displays pain in her voice- perfect for the song. Knowing that Thomas Jefferson was a slaver and also a man with bright red hair, it's tough to believe he'd be cast as a man of color with a large afro, but the casting was a perfect call. His voice suits the musical beautifully.

3. It's incredibly interesting!

I'm "Helpless" when it comes to listening to this musical. It's not at all your typical stuffy, boring, history thing. It's a combination of history and spunk, it's wonderful. I love to learn about the history of a founding father I knew so little about. It's also so important because we learn more about people involved in his life, it expands on our knowledge. It makes us curious, want to reach out and learn. The whole fact about Theodosia disappearing at sea was something that I went out of my way to learn...not in the musical. Plus, it's also amazing to learn more about Alexander's biggest help... Eliza. It's amazing what you learn, especially in "Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story". Would you believe she lived 50 years after Alexander died, and she died at 97? She started the first private orphanage in New York, raised hundreds of children. She's incredible.

4. This is a Hip Hop Musical

I'm not even kidding. Lafayette drops the hottest verses of the 1700's in this show, rapping so quickly it's almost hard to keep up. Angelica Schuyler basically rewinds in one of her big songs, "Satisfied". Not only do they do some incredible rapping and singing, their harmony is beyond incredible. Try listening to "Wait For It", lead by Burr, for some of the most amazing harmony and voice layering...ever.

5. It was 110% worth the $20 to buy on iTunes

46 songs for $20? Not bad. 46 interesting, historical hip hop songs from the world's rising musical star? Fantastic! You get slow sad songs, upbeat love songs, rap songs purely dissing people and the memories of trying to sing them with your friends. I typically don't like rap personally, but everyone's gotta give it up for America's favorite fighting Frenchman! I'm confident it will be worth the $1,200 to go and buy 2 tickets to actually see it.

10 out of 10 would recommend watching or listening!!

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