11 Times 'Hamilton' Summed Up The College Experience, This Show Takes So Many Shots

11 Times 'Hamilton' Summed Up The College Experience, This Show Takes So Many Shots

Don't throw away your shot!


"Hamilton" hit the scene in 2015, and it took Broadway by storm. Earning 16 Tony Nominations and winning 11, Lin Manuel Miranda's brainchild became a cultural phenomenon. I only recently saw the show in May, and while I'm three years late to the party, I was amazed and inspired. This show manages to tell an old story while still addressing current issues in a way that can connect to youth. Speaking of connecting to youth, it'll be time for students to return to college soon. So, I decided to show you how "Hamilton" transcends the stage!

1. When you think you're awesome cause you're out of high school

I'm not saying that you're not awesome, but you got to remember to stay humble! Life is about to knock you on your ass, and if you get too cocky, you won't have a cushion.

2. When your friends are trying to convince you to go out

Now I know the idea of pouring cheap vodka and nasty beer into your liver may seem like an appealing idea to you now, you need to know your limits! If you have homework or just don't feel like going out, I'm going to let you in on a little secret... you don't have to!

3. When you come home late and you gotta be quiet!

I discussed this in a past article, but the key to a healthy roommate relationship is mutual respect! If you're going to be coming home late, at least have the common decency to be quiet! And if you decide to bring "company" back with you, the same rules apply.

4. When your class is trying to ask the teacher for extra credit

The logic behind this is very similar to when you and your siblings were trying to get what you want. If enough of you ask, they'll eventually give in!

5. When the party gets busted and you're hiding in the closet

There's no shame in admitting, you've been hiding in a strangers room and questioning every life decision you've ever made. There will always be that one person who is frantically talking, and to them, that's what we're all saying!

6. When your done with midterms and you're just happy you passed

When you've been in the library for days and you're running on caffeine and fleeting hope, the fact that you passed is a miracle!

7. When you break up with someone and you get rid of anything that reminds you of them

Break ups are tough, and the usual ritual before indulging in ice cream and complex carbohydrates is clearing your social media. It's tough but completely normal, do what you need to do!

8. When you need to talk to your professor and you camp outside their office

Emails are great, but when you really need help, going in person is always best! Whether you need help studying...or are begging for extra credit, go in person! They have office hours for a reason!

9. When you and your friends pulled an all nighter and ace the exam

All-nighters are not a good idea, very rarely does it work out in your favor. But those rare moments when you studied hard and it paid off are priceless! My advice to an incoming freshman would be this... invest some time in yourself and get your butt to the library!

10. When you fight with your friend and it escalates quickly

It's going to happen eventually, but the important thing to remember is that you need to take a second and cool off. Because if you don't, you'll end up dueling in New Jersey, and no one wants that!

11. When you get your degree and can laugh at everyone who doubted you!

There's nothing better than succeeding at what you were striving for and be able to show everyone who doubted you that they were wrong!

College is an amazing time for everyone to learn about themselves and pursue their dreams. That's what Alexander Hamilton came to do, and it is was because of this drive that our country made the advancements that it has. Alexander Hamilton came to this country for a better life and to get an education, and look how far he went! College is fun, but don't forget you're there for an education.

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Drama on Odyssey: Forbidden Chemistry

The purpose of a tutor is to help one learn new things... Until one learns something shocking about him.


SETTING: A library, Edwardian in style. At stage left, a teenage girl, CORA, is sitting at a desk and writing, as her tutor, PHINEAS looks on.

PHINEAS: Now Cora, would you remind me the common name of the narcissus?

CORA: Ah... A daffodil? And it's named after the demi-god who was very handsome but also very vain.

PHINEAS: Both are correct. You're doing quite well, I daresay you're even surpassing your brother.

CORA: I hope you mean Nigel and not Frederick.

(PHINEAS chuckles)

PHINEAS: Frederick isn't ready for Botany yet, although Nigel does better with Literature than science.

(CORA's mother, ISABEL ALICIA, enters stage right.)

ISABEL ALICIA: Coraline, it's time for your dance lesson.

CORA: Must I go? It'll be the last I see Dr. LeClare before he goes to Lochere next week.

PHINEAS: I'll only be gone for the week, my father requested me home to help with his latest project.

ISABEL ALICIA: I do hope it's not another impossible machine.

PHINEAS: You're so much like your father, your ladyship, you only see things for what they are. Nobody said impossible.

ISABEL ALICIA: Go on, Coraline. Your dance lesson is starting soon, and Madame Danica is waiting.

CORA: Yes, mother... (Exits stage right)


PHINEAS: She's doing very well. She's bright.

ISABEL ALICIA: As expected. (Beat) I wouldn't expect anything less from one of your children.


PHINEAS: Must we still keep this from her?

ISABEL ALICIA: That she's not really a Faraday? Yes, if we want her, not to mention our reputations to remain intact.

PHINEAS: You know, it hurts me to lie to her, Belle.

ISABEL ALICIA: I know, me too, but it's for all our sakes. The world is still quite old fashioned. I doubt either of our countries would take well to a well-respected scientist having an affair with a married baroness. It wouldn't matter if we're good people or not.


PHINEAS: I still wish you could leave the Baron Faraday, or that you hadn't married him at all.

ISABEL ALICIA: It would still create a scandal if I left him for you, since we both know we can't stay away from each other. As for the latter... I suppose that was my own fault, not having realized our feelings for each other sooner. (She chuckles) I honestly thought those poems you wrote me in your letters were just you trying to show off.

PHINEAS: I kind of was, and I guess I should have been more straightforward.

ISABEL ALICIA: You were trying, I just didn't notice. We'd been writing each other since we were children, so I should have. I didn't realize until after I married Oswald.


PHINEAS: Did you ever love him?

ISABEL ALICIA: I did at one point. He was saying all the right things, and he was the right match. But as soon as Nigel was born, it just wasn't thrilling anymore. I guess it was all obligation. (She strokes his cheek) I only know what passion is because of you.

PHINEAS: I can say the same, for another person. I've always loved you, Belle.

ISABEL ALICIA: And I you, Phin. (She kisses him)

(CORA reenters, holding a book, but stays far stage right, and listens in. ISABEL ALICIA and PHINEAS do not notice her when the kiss is broken)

ISABEL ALICIA: I should repeat Coraline's sentiments, must you really go?

PHINEAS: As I've said to her, it's only for the week. I'll be back before you even notice I'm gone.

ISABEL ALICIA: I find that hard to believe, you're a hard person to miss.


ISABEL ALICIA: You know, Coraline adores you so much. Sometimes I think some part of her knows the truth. (Beat) That she's your flesh and blood.

(CORA drops her book, and runs offstage)

ISABEL ALICIA: What was that?

PHINEAS: Lise, I hope. She's a lot better with secrets than Angelica.

ISABEL ALICIA: (Looks stage left) Nobody.

PHINEAS: Perhaps we should continue in the garden. (Offers her his arm) Shall we?

ISABEL ALICIA: Absolutely.

(ISABEL ALICIA AND PHINEAS exit stage right)


(CORA reenters)

CORA: (Calling) Yes, Madame, I'll only need a moment. (She sits back at the desk) (Beat) (To the audience) I only dreamt that. It can't be true... (She buries her face in her hands)

(End scene)

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