13 Costume ideas for anyone
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13 Halloween Costumes For The Cosplayer Or The Party Goer

You have the three different types of people every year when it comes to planning the perfect costume.


As October begins to creep upon us, many are frantically planning what their Halloween costume will be for this year. You have the three different types of people every year when it comes to planning the perfect costume.

First, you have the one who goes all out. This person is usually planning their costume months in advance and is gathering all of the necessary materials to build everything from scratch. This costume is probably the most unique and biggest DIY project you'll see this year. Next, you've got the person who just gets invited to a thousand costume parties and doesn't have the time or energy to plan some extravagant costume. This is the individual you will see late at night at Party City or the Halloween store looking for a cheap and easy costume. Last but not least you've got the person who puts in as little effort as possible into their costume and usually has something from Pinterest or one of the very witty costumes you can find on google, for example, the "Quarterback" where there is a quarter literally taped to someone's back. So whichever individual you are this spooky season, here are a few costume ideas to think about early before the rush of Halloween arrives.

1. The lamp from the "Christmas Story"

For the individuals who love Halloween but also can't wait for the Christmas season.

2. A shadow

Full black body suit. It looks better as well when you come with someone just similar to you in their normal costume.

3. Breakfast Club Kids

A squad friendly idea that is timeless for any generation.

4. Cereal Killer

Get all those empty cereal boxes, tape, plastic knives, and a whole lot of fake blood.

5. Scooby Doo cast

More friend ideas for the party goers who never show up anywhere alone.

6. Human Ouija board

This is for all the makeup artists out there. When you don't have time to plan out that outragous costume, grab all that face paint and have fun.

7. Any Disney characters

It may seem unorginial, but think about it. How many Tinkerbells and Winnie the Poohs do you think you'll see walking around. If you're worried about matching costumes, stay away from princesses or anything from the last five years.

8. Clowns

Another classic idea that always absolute creative freedom. Whether you're happy, sad, or murderous, you're bound to be freaking some people out.

9. Netflix and Chill

For the best buds that want to stay cosy all night long.

10. Bob Ross

Have fun with some props and speak in hushed tones and talk about your happy trees.

11. Gamora

Continue to start conversations with random people screaming "I'm still alive!"

12. Evil Mermaid

We all know the mermaids out onn Halloween have perfect makeup, costumes, and lots of glitter. This is yur chance to show what happens when mermaids get to close to boats.

13. Dayquil and Nyquil

Another cozy option for the lazy friends. Playing your designated parts with corresponding symptoms all night makes for some great laughs.

Whether these costumes are the ones you'll be testing out this Halloween season, make sure you are having fun and getting creative. No one needs another year of fifty Harley Quinns walking around. Happy planning and happy spooky season!

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