Halloween is right around the corner, meaning spookiness and scary vibes are about to pour out of the woodwork. Like most everybody else, I love Halloween...but unlike everybody else, I have a lot of opinions about Halloween

1. Candy Corn is trash.

Starting off strong with the one I feel the MOST passionate about. Candy corn tastes like dirt that's been smoothed over and dyed different colors. I don't understand why anybody would ever willingly put it in their mouth.

2. I have NEVER seen Halloweentown.

Other than Hocus Pocus, I feel like this is the quintessential Halloween movie you have to have seen if you're my age. That being said, though...I have never seen it and know virtually nothing about it. People love this movie so much, and I'm honestly not sure how I ever missed out on seeing it!

3. Or any of the Halloween movies...

There are actually a TON of Halloween movies that I haven't seen, and the Halloween franchise is one of them.

4. I have never been to a Halloween party.

Even after 4 years of college, and 4 years prior of high school, I managed to make it through 22 years of life without going to a Halloween party. This is partly because of my social anxiety, and also partly because of my intense need for sleep.

5. I basically repeated the same costume every year.

I'm the type of person who does not experiment; when I come up with a routine I like, I stick with it. That goes for costumes, too. I was a witch for 6 years in a row.

6. Halloween is the only acceptable time for couples to wear identical clothes.

It's okay to match in everyday life, but I hate when couples wear the shirts that say "I'm the girlfriend" or "He's with me" and what not. I, personally, find them to be tacky, and I think they take away from the individuality of both parties in the relationship.

At Halloween, though, couples costumes are a perfect moment to combine your creativity into one joint costume.

7. I'd rather stay in and read ghost stories than go out and party.

At the end of the day, when it's all said and done, and Halloween is upon us, I think I'll be spending my time diving into a hot cup of apple cider and reading through a ghost story or two.

Okay, so maybe some of these aren't the scariest things to confess...but people really get worked up about their Halloween festivities. At the end of the day, though, everybody celebrates this holiday differently, and having a fun time is what really matters.