Things to do this October in the NJ Area
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1. Go to the Great Pumpkin Blaze.

Located in the heart of New York's Hudson Valley in Croton-on-Hudson step into a place full of wonder that will sure to leave you in "ah!" Admission is $23 for adults and $17 for children. See over 7000 carved pumpkins in this creepy old manor!

2. Go Apple Picking

Apple picking is great fun! I recommend Sun High Orchard in Randolph, NJ. The apples were reasonably priced and they have cute farm animals. They also have a wonderful store filled with homemade goodies like pies and apple cider donuts.

3. Go Pumpkin Picking

Growing up, I always wanted to big the largest pumpkin. For this, I recommend Ort Farms in Chester, NJ. I love roasting the pumpkin seeds and carving the pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern.

4. Go to the Halloween Haunt

Dorney Park is my first choice, but Six Flags also hosts this event. Walk through the park at night with scary mazes, fall foods and people dressed up in costume.

5. Go on a Haunted Tour

Whether it's my personal favorite of Salem, MA exploring the rich history of the Salem Witch Trials or going to Penn State Penitentiary, anything is fun!

6. Go on a Scary Road

The infamous "Clinton Road" resides in West Milford, NJ. This road is known to be haunted by the spirit of a young boy who drowned in the lake. Legend has it that at midnight if you throw a coin into the lake he will throw it back. There is also accounts of a big white truck that glares his highbeams at you and disappears (I saw it) and wild animals from a zoo from long ago, KKK members and devil worshippers.

7. Go to a Halloween Parade

Every year my town hosts a Halloween parade the weekend before Halloween. We also have a costume contest with prizes.

8. Go to a Trunk or Treat

Who said trick or treating was just for kids? Grab your little sibling, the kid you babysit or even just yourself! Go get free candy and enjoy the cute decorated cars. If you're too shy about being judged, enter your car into the Trunk or Treat.

9. Have a Spooky Night In

Put on some Halloween movies, make the apple cider, have a candy apple bar, whatever you'd like, do it!

10. Go to a Haunted Event

At the Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange, they have "Boo at the Zoo". The zoo is decorated for the Halloween season!

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