What I Am Listening To At The Gym

Recently some friends have asked for some food and workout advice. So here it is. You can take it or leave it, but this is what has been working for me. Maybe it can work for you too!

One thing that has made me enjoy the gym is the opportunity to listen to and find new music. When I have a good song my workout is actually pretty enjoyable. Here is what filled my ears the other day at the gym. If you were wondering, my workout was on the elliptical where I treated every song as a mini high intensity work out. Meaning I started and ended with a consistent resistance and stair height, and in the middle I built intensity by continuously changing both the intensisty and height.

Give Me a Break- Barbara Lynn 

The clam instrumental, and soothing vocal of Barbara are perfect for a nice warmup


MF DOOMs melodic bars can be a fun challenge to keep step to. Plus if you listen to the words you will be struck by the lyrical talent that is DOOM.

Sniffing Vicodin in Paris 

this song is really fun to listen to and pretend you are in a trippy music video

Paper Tiger 

I have found switching up the types of music I listen to have made me loose track of time more than if I just listen to one genre. Loosing track of time at the gym is key to enjoying your time there. You should be there to stop thinking about things and relax.

Kill Jill

These guys know how to rap and mix a good song.

Opposite of Adults 

Throwing in a middle school classic into your workout mix is never a bad idea.


Should be very sweaty by now. The elevated heart rate actually makes this song very fun to elliptical to, and you feel like a bad ass.


The best way to follow skrillex. Keeps the heart rate up and charging.

Just Da Other Day

A good song to start a cool down to. Also if you don't know JID this boy is one of the most clever and talented rappers I have listened to. Check him out!


A little grit and soul to finish up a nice workout.

That was that on the elliptical! If any of this is of help than I guess I did my job. Enjoy the music, and enjoy the workout ;)

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