Guns , Germs and Survival

Africa is known as the birthplace of the human race, it is said to have many clues and structures to explaining what and why society has become the way it is today. One argument stated in a video that was aired; was about the roots of the Europeans , which were known for conquering and succeeding in many places around the world. They also mentioned how geography is the main source that helped the Europeans become so great. They had the most productive crops and animals on the planet . it gave them immunity to germs passed on by the livestock which created human diseases and viruses .This would give them an advantage later when guns , germs, and steel came to Africa . One thing that stood out to me in this video were the “Zulus” tribe in Africa. A tribe who fought against the Europeans with all their power and might. They had skill and ambition which made them fearless in many ways. However because the Europeans were way more advance then the Zulus, they used their knowledge and technology to prevail. Later they showed how the new way of civilization and farming (agriculture) spread throughout the world. In some cases the climate changes affected them in negative ways, others prospered with their crops. But something unexpected would later hit the Europeans , something they never encountered. Normally germs would be on their side helping them to conquer but this time malaria had gotten the best of them. Could this be the end of Europeans guns , germs, and steel in Africa ? I wouldn’t want to wish any bad on any human being and I wouldn’t want to say that’s what they get or deserve but life works in mysterious ways and I believe it happened for a reason.

According to history and our books modern history has been shaped by modern conquest. Over the years thousands of men overran many lands and tribes. According to this avi video the secret to their success is and was guns, germs and steel. Even in modern times (2014) things have not changed , as my favorite rapper Kendrick lamar would say “ the one behind the gun lives forever “. In my opinion this happens to be very true. I found it very intriguing , the lifestyle people lived before “guns , germs , and steel”. They used the resources they were able to reach and understand. They showed much courage when it came to hunting and finding food to eat. I admire those like those the male figure making this documentary , traveling around the world trying to understand how civilization came to be succeeding this far and how the one before us conquered but suddenly ended. One thing that caught my ear was something said. He pointed out the main resource to thrive in society and humanity was to be in a good environment , where food was not only belly filling but filled with many proteins to keep the body healthy and growing, the necessary nutrients needed to survive. Without that it wouldn’t be impossible to live but it wouldn’t ensure the survival of that particular community. Without the right food source and supplies it's going to be really hard to feed big villages and communities each and every day. Farming was also crucial to many , however the type of farming matter very much. Those who posses great farming skills and knowledge , achieved and survived. At the end of the day it always came down to where you resided geographically, your climate and resources as well.

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