Endicott College Senior Bucket List
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Student Life

Endicott College Senior Bucket List

Party like it's 2017.

Endicott College Senior Bucket List

As graduation rapidly approaches, now is the time to reflect- both on the things you have done, and those that have yet to be completed. The following is a list of things every gull needs to do before walking across that stage.

1. Survive thesis (we're starting out simple here)

2. Take a shot in every dorm...all 19 of them

3. Watch the sun rise at the beach

4. Go skinny dipping in the ocean

5. Darty all day (the Derby is coming up people...grab your hat and I'll see you at Birchmont)

6. Power Hour

7. Case Race

8. Assemble your friends and finally figure out how the hell to play True American from New Girl or CharDee MacDennis from It's Always Sunny in Philadeliphia

9. Make a panini in Callahan using pizza slices as the bread (you're welcome)

10. Have a beer with someone you used to know during freshman year

11. Have a beer with a fellow senior you have never met

12. Hijack a campus tour

13. Write your name somewhere on the campus in permanent marker

14. Skip a class to spend all day at the beach

15. Tell your best friends you love them, without making a joke

16. Use the bathroom of the opposite sex

17. Get a picture with the Power Gull

18. Chug a Power Gull IPA at Gully's without choking

19. Go all out for a bar crawl

20. Unapologetically sing your heart out at karaoke at the Onion on Wednesday night

21. Apply to a job you are WAY under-qualified for

22. Apply to a job you are WAY over-qualified for (build some confidence)

23. Revisit a freshman year habit...I'm talking raspberry rubinoff and dancing on the table in Hawthorne to Remix to Ignition type of nostalgia

24. Start planning your after-graduation road trips to visit friends

25. Embrace a walk of shame (bonus points if its past a tour group)

26. Decorate your graduation cap in a way that makes your parents wonder if you learned anything besides arts and crafts in college

27. Stay up until 5am having a deep conversation with someone you just met

28. Cinco de Mayo like you have never cinco'ed before

29. Order Pride's so late it doesn't get to you until 4am

30. Get the creepy One Stop guy to give you free champagne to celebrate your accomplishments (and all the money you spent there)

31. Make s'mores around the campfire OR build your own fire in the woods (sorry campo)

32. Spontaneous piercing or tattoo (GULL HARD on your ass is always a good option)

33. Get unbelievably drunk and watch game shows like Family Feud with your friends

34. Steal something other than all the water bottles at Doc's barbecue

35. Throw a party with a crazy theme (togas, ABC, workout bros and yoga hoes)

36. Choose one: return all your plates and cups to Callahan or steal enough to complete the set

37. Use a projector in the LSB to watch a movie and don't forget to bring popcorn

39. Water gun/water balloon fight

40. Leave a note in a library book for someone to find

Make this last month count, class of 2017!

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