To The Person Who Has Their Life Together... How?

Dear Person Who Has Their Life Together,

Just a quick question for you: How?

No seriously, how? Because the rest of us have been living this chaotic mess called life for a while now and we are nowhere near as put together as you are. Let me put it this way: about 100 percent of the time, we feel like every aspect of our lives was swept up in a record-breaking tornado, scattered everywhere in our surroundings and then spontaneously caught fire before our very eyes.

And the fact that there is someone who feels like they have close to complete control over their life and don’t feel like they are living in chaos is astounding; because for the rest of us, it’s kind of hell.

I know what thought immediately popped into your head and yes, we’ve all tried making a schedule. And that schedule, much like the rest of our lives, feels like it spontaneously caught fire and burned to ash. Maybe it’s just me, but schedules never seem to work. There are three possible reasons for this.

First, I’m so drained from my day, when evening comes it’s harder to stick to the schedule because I’m so tired.

Second, it feels like the schedule is telling me what to do and I don’t like that.

Or, what it actually is in most cases, the third option: planning out exactly what you are going to do and exactly when you are going to do them is nearly impossible because there are numerous unexpected things that can and will go wrong.

I say ‘nearly impossible’ because, by some miracle of God, you and a few others have managed to do it. Do you know how miraculous that is to some of us? All because we can’t figure out how you do it. Here’s what happens when we try it:

We lay out our work schedules, class schedules and assignments due during the week. We organize it into a single schedule and the time slots not filled up with work or classes are divided up as time to work on assignments or study for other classes. What happens next is we get called into work for an extra shift, and our teachers assign extra assignments, our due dates get moved up, date of a test was changed to next week instead of the week after, then there are chores to do, we’ve got to cook dinner and our friends want to hang out.

And by the end of it all, our beautifully organized schedule is an unrecognizable catastrophe of marked out ink blotches. And we find ourselves up at 3:00 a.m. eating take-out and working on an assignment we didn’t know existed, while listening to Imagine Dragon’s ‘Whatever It Takes’ for motivation and relating to Panic! At The Disco’s song ‘Impossible Year’ on a spiritual level because it kind of relates to the struggle we are going through at that moment.

Safe to say, it doesn’t quite work out the way we planned.

But that’s what makes you so mythical to us; you have tomorrow planned out and we are trying to figure out if we spelled ‘tomorrow’ correctly or if tomorrow is even the day we think it is. Seriously, you guys have your food planned out, your outfits planned out, your schedules are planned, you know what your doing with your lives and have a track plan to get there. The rest of us are on a rollercoaster with no safety belts or bars and are holding on for dear life in hopes we don’t crash.

So please, share with us your secrets. Teach us your ways. I personally may like chaos, but we can’t live every part of our lives that way, and we’re kind of struggling here.


The Rest Of Humanity

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