What You Should Know Before Buying Some Gymshark Apparel

A Brief Guide To Gymshark Athletic Apparel: Here Is What I Suggest

Fitness should be done in style, and that's why there's Gymshark.


If you haven't heard of it, let me introduce you to Gymshark. Gymshark is a UK-based athletic apparel company that has taken over the fitness world. In recent years, the company has expanded greatly, and people all over the world are purchasing their amazing products. With items ranging from $20 to roughly $60, I feel like Gymshark remains around the median in terms of affordable workout wear. Lululemon was always the popular athletic apparel brand for me, but I never wanted to pay $98 for a single pair of leggings. While paying $50 for a pair of leggings isn't exactly cheap either, it seemed way more affordable. Additionally, you really get what you pay for in terms of quality and long-lasting wear.

Because Gymshark offers a wide range of apparel, honestly it can be very overwhelming for first-time buyers to decide what items are best for them. While the website makes it easy to find all of their products, it can still be hard to tell what you should buy. Here is a little guide on what to consider buying based on what kind of apparel you're looking for.

If you like high-waisted...

Personally, I think high waisted in the only way to wear leggings, but that's just what I think If you agree, that's great. While there are some low-rise leggings and pants options, Gymshark really produces mostly high waisted items. Because of this, there's so much variety! My personal favorite lines of high waisted shorts are the Vital Seamless and Energy Seamless collections. I own a couple of pairs from each, so believe me when I say that you will not be disappointed. Leggings from these collections not only provide a sleek high waisted look, but the material is so comfortable. I wear my leggings not only to the gym but everywhere else I may go in a day.

If you like comfort...

One thing that I really love about good leggings is that they feel comfortable to wear. I wear leggings ALL the time, not just to the gym, so I really need my leggings to feel good when I'm wearing them. In terms of comfort, again I suggest the Energy Seamless collection. The material on these items is soft and stretchy, including holes in the sides for more air circulation. I find these leggings to be very breathable as well as just cozy.

Another one of my favorite collection is the regular Flex collection. The Flex leggings are the staple Gymshark leggings, so they also happened to be my first pair. The Flex leggings having a low- to mid-rise style which is not my favorite, but they are still oh-so-cute and comfortable. The material is not as tight and elastic as typical leggings, but they are still great for workouts.

Lastly, the Slounge collection is one of Gymshark's best collections. Slounge is not as much an exercise collection as it is a loungewear collection, based on the name. The slounge pants I own are basically fitted sweatpants/joggers that offer a sleek but comfortable look. I promise you that the slounge collection will not disappoint.

If you like crop tops...

Personally, I don't buy as many gym tops as I do leggings, but cute tees and tanks are still essential to a nice fitness wardrobe. Also, with high waisted leggings like I usually wear, crop tops are the way to go. In terms of long sleeve tops for the winter, I reach for the Vital Seamless collection. This collection offers incredible tops in four beautiful colors to match all of the Gymshark leggings you own! The material is thin so you don't overheat in the gym, but not too thin that you'll sweat right through it. The same goes for my go-to short sleeve crop tops. For this, I usually choose my Dreamy top. The material for these items are a bit different: not as stretchy but so so soft and totally sweat-proof.

If you like bright colors...

If you're like me and brightly colored clothing piques your interest, well then you're in luck. Perhaps my favorite things about Gymshark apparel is the huge range of colors. This company is different from most in the sense that not all of the clothes are black and grey with a single mesh panel on the legs. So many of Gymshark's collections offer bright, popping colors, allowing you to stand out in the best way at the gym! So in terms of recommendations, I say ALL of the collections. There are so many colors you have to try!

While Gymshark is less than some other popular athletic apparel brands, it still certainly is not cheap. But quality is important, so their incredible clothing is worth every penny in my opinion. So go ahead! Treat yourself to a pair of Gymshark leggings and a matching crop top.

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If You Take Fitness Advice From Instagram, You're Probably Doing It Wrong

Living a healthy lifestyle really isn't that complicated.


I lost 90 pounds during my freshman year of high school. Over the years, I've gotten many questions about how I accomplished such a feat and what my secret is. The truth is, I did what any doctor would tell you to do when you ask for weight loss advice. I ate healthy foods, I counted my caloric intake and I worked out regularly doing exercise that I enjoyed.

This seems so simple, but in today's complex society of Instagram fitness gurus and "experts" telling you that the secret to weight loss is wrapping your stomach in a wrap, it's difficult to know who is genuinely trying to give you good advice and who just wants to sell you something. I've fallen prey to these people too, so I know how difficult it is to decipher between sound advice and a sales pitch.

So as you embark on your health and fitness journey, remember that the end goal of any workout regimen or diet plan is to be healthy and increase the longevity of your life. It's about seeing your grandchildren graduate high school and go on to succeed in life while swinging on a porch with your husband or wife of 50 years, all because you took care of yourself instead of eating fast food and drinking every weekend of your 20s. It isn't to have slimmer thighs or a bigger butt, though those are nice benefits. What these people won't tell you is that if you simply eat healthy, exercise regularly and take overall better care of your body, you will see results without having to buy some stupid weight loss tea or crazy diet plan.

Believe me, the journey to being a better and healthier you is worth the consistent effort and work it will take to get there.

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