My Current Spiritual Journey

My current spiritual journey is along the road of building a stronger relationship with God. As a child, my brother was always the one to teach me about God when my parents were always at work. Once he left for college, I felt like I had lost some guidance, especially going to a public school where religion was not something that had been talked about frequently. Through high school, I know that I was distant from God while He was calling for me. I know that because every time I had run into a conflict where I felt like I was stuck, alone, and miserable, that was God calling me to turn towards Him. Reflecting on my past experiences, my family always supported me and constantly reminded me to pray and ask God for His guidance, and I know that through them, He was speaking to me.

Attending Baylor University was the absolute best decision I had made. Before, I felt like my path towards Him was clouded by things I deemed as "priorities" over God. Although He is loud, I failed to hear Him because my attention was turned away from Him. Now, I fully open my heart to Him, and I feel so vibrant. By taking steps toward my faith, I am now able to see that He is constantly speaking to me in my daily life. I am currently attending Antioch Church hopping every now and then because I believe that I can always absorb different ways to praise God and hear His word through various means. I am a part of Baylor AM-IV (Asian Ministry-Intervarsity) for small group Bible studies, large group prayer and bonding time. With my journey in strengthening my relationship with God, I only hope that I can learn more and guide others towards Him as well.

My Goals for Ending Human Trafficking

It is infuriating to know that sex trafficking is still prominent, especially in my own backyard in such a huge city. I believe that sex trafficking is not talked about enough in Houston and therefore is still such a huge issue. Bringing awareness to the human trafficking that has been going on will be the first step of many to reduce the frequency that it occurs. In that way, more people will step up and speak out. If some of the biggest, wealthiest cities in the nation have difficulty in combating the concentrated sex trafficking in their communities, then other smaller or poorer communities may struggle even more. Houston is at such a big disadvantage in being such a large city where this problem is more easily hidden from the public.

However, because of its huge size, once more people begin to take action, the ripples will be endless in bringing hope to not only our surrounding community but also to the rest of the nation. By helping combat human trafficking in such a developed city, it can more effectively lead other developing communities to similar initiatives over time. Not only is my goal to help spread awareness and bring an end to human trafficking, but the most important part of the process is by reaching out to the victims of the traffickers.

My main goal is to share the Bible with the men and women who have suffered traumatic experiences and to open my heart and arms up to them.

I may want to eliminate the sins of sex trafficking, but I need to share the love of our Lord and Savior. He is the only one who is able to relieve the pain and give hope to those who struggle. My job is to help reach out to the hearts of those who may feel broken and help be a reminder to brothers and sisters in Christ, of God's love.