Spoilers might lie ahead.

1. Easter Eggs Galore!

Screenrant complied a list of 36 easter eggs found hidden in the movie, but I bet there's more!

2. Arguably the best Marvel movie since The Avengers.

This movie is so much better than anything Marvel has cranked out since The Avengers (as much as that hurts me to say), including the first Guardians. So far it has an 81% rating on rotten tomatoes, as well.

3. Drax and Baby Groot steal the show.

Drax, specifically, has some of the BEST one-liners in the movie, and he jacks the comedy up 100%.

4. Rocket is actually a dad.

Just like in the first movie, Rocket is never very far from Groot. In this movie, however, Rocket's role shifts more to being the exhausted dad trying to keep his toddler under control.

5. Nebula and Gamora

Spoiler here: They sort of makeup at the end, even though Gamora is trying to kill Nebula here. You also get Nebula's backstory on how her and Gamora grew up, and it breaks your heart.

6. Star Lord's dad

More spoilers: At first you are like, "WHOA HOW COOL!" then you're like "PETER RUN!"

7. That unspoken thing...

Between Peter and Gamora. Still nothing official (minor spoiler), but they're adorable and can take their time.

8. Yondu

Yondu goes through the most character change in the movie. You go into the theater not trusting him, and coming out crying over him.

9. You will leave crying.

Don't let the first 3/4 of the movie fool you. GOTG 2 is full of comedy and great action sequences but the ending is Serious™ time and it will blindside you. That's you're only warning.