14 "Grown Ups" Quotes That Describe College

Ah, "Grown Ups." What a fantastic movie with a fantastic cast. As I recently rewatched the comedy, I realized just how many times something was said that made me, a college student, say "same." 14 times to be exact.

1. When life gets rough

Just give me some chocolate ice cream and I'll be fine.

2. When there's free food being offered at an event

Free food? Okay, I'll come.

3. When everyone is trying to tone their "spring break body," but you didn't jump on the band wagon

I mean, we've established that we like food so...

4. When one of your teachers is a savage

Because most of them are...

5. Honestly when anything happens

Because most of us are confused about what's going on 97% of the time.

6. When you see some of the new clothing trends around campus

Sometimes I wonder where the new trends come from.

7. When the frattest of the frat guys show up

You know the ones.

8. When your professors start telling stories about their childhood

Because I don't know about everyone else, but my professors like to make jokes about how old they are.

9. When someone wants to make plans, but you have TV shows to watch

Sorry, I have to know what's happening.

10. When you see an attractive person

And you end up making a fool of yourself.

11. When a professor gives you a VERY detailed test AND expects you to completely finish it in less than an hour class period

And doesn't understand why the students are worried about their grade...

12. When your friends talk you into going somewhere you really don't want to go

Saying "no" to friends is just a hard thing to do.

13. When you have no idea what is going on, but you're just trying to enjoy life

Weird things happen, but sometimes you just gotta go with it.

14. When you forget something on a test, but as soon as you leave, you know exactly what the answer is

I know the answer so it still counts right?

So, basically, "Grown Ups" narrates college.

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