First thing, I am not writing about how I don't need my parents. This is about the moment you realize the difference in your worldly outlook and how your priorities are different from your parents.

It's a bit jarring, at least for me. My parents, especially my father and I are extremely close. Not in the I tell them every detail about my life, but in we share common interests and I share all the important milestones with them. I mean what I perceive as right and wrong were programmed into me by them after all.

I don't know when it's exactly I started questioning flaws in my parents. I've always been in awe of them. They were the best at what they do and could do no wrong... Now I see the same adoration in my brother.

While this isn't new information, I just had to acknowledge the further differences in our relationship after my first year in college halfway across the world.

Things that I find perfectly normal is something my parents find distasteful: swearing in music, clothes meant for summer and things I couldn't care about in the slightest might be something they care about: public opinion of me, possible boyfriends etc..

While my mother might be blindly patriotic, sometimes so much so that any critique of my country is seen as me trying to be hip and not having an opinion based on facts and news I consume.

The fact as terrible as it sounds is my year away at college has made me realize that I've outgrown my parents in some ways… At least when it comes to my moral center and that's completely fine with me. I know we will have disagreements and conflicts, and while I might differ from them I know in the end we will figure a way to peacefully cohabitate together. That's all I can ask and all I want.