Growing Up Sucks

Growing Up Sucks

Realizing I should not have "wished my life away"

They say you never know that you will miss something until it is gone, and it sucks to say but they are right.

I miss being little. When I was little, I literally had no cares in the world, besides what game we were going to play at recess. My mom always told to not "wish my life away." Like when I could not wait to be teenager, when I could not wait to drive, or when I wished I was in college away from my family. I remember when I would get in trouble for not having my room clean, not doing the dishes, or being 5 minutes past curfew, and wishing for nothing more than to be a "grown-up".

If I could go back, I would take all of those wishes away. Instead, I would wish to enjoy being little, I would wish to enjoy my parents taking me everywhere, and I would wish that I could take my family everywhere with me now that I am considered to be "grown."

Growing up does suck, but not entirely. By literally growing up, it helps you grow up figuratively too. Growing up you realize a lot of things about your life that otherwise, you would not be able to comprehend. Like who your real friends are, what really truly makes you happy, and that your mom really does know best.

So enjoy being "little." Enjoy not being responsible and take in every minute you can get with your family and the people you care about, because one day, you will be in college about to begin the dreadful finals week, wishing you were with those people, in that house, that is in that town, which deep down all drive you a little bit insane half the time, right now.

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