There Are Diamonds In The Rough, From The Person Who Is Living Proof

There Are Diamonds In The Rough, From The Person Who Is Living Proof

Growing up in the bad times has made me appreciate the good times


Heat, pressure, and time. That's all it takes to make a diamond. Heat, pressure, and time. That's all it takes to make or break a person. Diamonds and people are incredibly similar in the fact that both of them start out as flawed, but are crafted into beautiful things.

diamond inside coal

Growing up in a household of scarcity can do a lot of things to a young person. It can harden their soul to the outside world, building within them resentment and hatred of those who were dealt a better hand. That's because they go day to day wondering "God, why did you choose me for this kind of life?" They feel targeted, second-guessing every move they make because they know that things are too good to be true.

Money, food, happiness... all of these things that people around you seem to have in surplus, you have none of. Rock bottom is feeling like you are the only one going through it. There is no other loneliness like when you're standing in a house, an empty shell of what used to be a home. Remembering the times where "we didn't have much but we had each other" that are simply non-existent now chisels away at the mind and motivation to go on.

Sadly, this is where many people get stuck. They don't realize that everything that happens to you in life can be used as fuel. Eventually, as an adult, you have to stop playing the victim card and start rolling with the punches. You have to realize that the environment you come up in is the single most important thing in your development as a human. People have to start taking the things that tear ordinary people down and using it as a reason to hustle your way out of the bad situation you are in.

50 Cent Quote

Yeah, there were times where I missed my mother and father and didn't have someone there. There were definitely nights where I went to bed for dinner. Nights in the winter where I shivered, and days where I didn't know where my next meal was coming from. But no matter what, I kept those memories locked in to add fuel to my fire knowing that one day, things wouldn't be like this again. I had to remember to be thankful I even knew my parents. To be thankful I had a school to go to where I could escape each day and work myself to the grindstone until I knew my future was taken care of.

People like an underdog. It gives them something to believe in, attaching them to a lost piece of themselves. This is how I got my family back. How I motivated them to do what was best for their health and me as their child. How my mother escaped from the cold grip of addiction. She put in the long nights because she saw me do the same with much less. Telling my story is how I got the opportunity I was never supposed to have. Showing people that they should never be ashamed of where they come from is how I plan to continue succeeding.

"don't be ashamed of your story, it will inspire others"

College wasn't supposed to be an option for me, but by telling my story and showing my development as a person through my hardships, I got that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Now, three years later going into the final leg of my college career, it's incredibly humbling to see how far I've come. There's no better feeling than not taking things for granted. To remember how each day used to be compared to how each day is now. The everyday privileges everyone has always enjoyed feel that much more special to you as a person.

I laugh at people who complain about the smallest inconveniences — these are the people who will never have satisfaction with themselves or their lives. When people who have scrapped their way out of nothing are minorly inconvenienced, they are thankful instead of complaining.

Quote about hardship

To anyone out there who is still going through it, if you remember nothing else remember this: take every single thing that is thrown against you in life and don't let it tear you down. Convert it into gunpowder and put a match to it, and explode in a beautiful blaze of ambition and originality. Remember everything that happens to you, but don't use it as an excuse to be anything less than your best self.

The world equally disperses talent, but not opportunity. Most people are afforded opportunities, but some of us have to seize them. Seize every moment, and you too can be the diamond that came from the rough.

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20 Patrick Star Quotes That Confirm that He Is My Spirit Animal

He's not just a fat, pink starfish. He's my friend.

Patrick Star may be portrayed as a very silly and unintelligent starfish but he's actually a very realistic portrayal of my personality. Patrick and I share a lot of the same ideologies and characteristics. If being a big, pink starfish that lives under a rock wasn't enough confirmation, here's 20 quotes that prove that he is my spirit animal.

1. "Is mayonnaise an instrument?"

Even though the question may sound stupid, Patrick isn't afraid to ask questions if he's confused.

2. " Maybe a story will cheer you up...Once upon a time there was an ugly barnacle. It was so ugly that everyone died. The end."

Patrick can really suck at cheering up his friends sometimes.

3. "I may be stupid but I'm not dumb."

Patrick might be oblivious at times but he understands what's going on around him...sometimes.


This guy is always excited for ice cream and more food which is one of the most important reasons why he is my spirit animal.

5. (Talking to pet rock during snail race) "It's okay Rocky, you can go when you feel like it."

He's super supportive without pushing too hard. That's exactly what you want in a pet owner.

6. "Knowledge can never replace friendship. I prefer to be an idiot!"

Patrick would rather give up being smart than losing Spongebob and I think that's really beautiful. It really shows how much Patrick values friendship.

7. "Now all I need is a magic mustache, and all my dreams will have come true!"

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It's the simple things that bring joy.

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He totally understands how magical and cathartic screaming can be.

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The mind can be quite complicated.

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Sometimes great ideas are given at the wrong time.

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Patrick can be a little brutally honest.

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Mr. Star does not like getting his heart broken!

14. "Oh no, I broke it!"

Sometimes he can't see his own accomplishments.

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I would have laughed at that too, Patrick!

16. "It's pretty good, Spongebob, but it lacks basic construction, and your perspective leaves a lot to be desired."

He's great at giving constructive criticism!

17. "Sometimes we have to go deep inside ourselves solve our problems."

Patrick is so wise and really understands how people work.

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He's accepted the harsh reality of life.

19. "I don't tell you how to live your life."

He does not appreciate being judged for his lifestyle!


He loves his sales!

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7 One Direction Songs That REVOLUTIONIZED My Teenage Years

My teenage years wouldn't be the same without these songs


If anyone has known me throughout the ages of 13-17 years old, then you'll have an idea of who I was. Let me give you a brief description of Aby during those four pivotal years of being a teenager. Well, I was obsessed with One Direction, obsessed to the point as I had posters sprawled throughout my bedroom walls and knew the lyrics to every song. Dedicated, is a slight word to describe my love for One Direction at the time. So, I'll be honoring you with 7 One Direction songs that REVOLUTIONIZED my teenage years.

1. "More Than This"

You thought I was going to take a cheap shot and say "What Makes You Beautiful" as number #1, but I won't. "More Than This" is from their first album "Up All Night" and is iconic in itself. The lyrics and the vocals of the phenomenal Zayn Malik in this song are sonically beautiful.

2. "C'mon, C'mon"

This song is kind of the definition of a stalker song with the lyrics, "Oh, I've been watching you all night, there's something in your eyes". Creepy, but romantic, right? "C'mon, C'mon" is the type of song that makes me jump around my round at 2 in the morning, raging with pure joy.

3. "Summer Love"

Do you remember that person that you fell in love with during a summer filled with warm days and chilly nights of joy? "Summer Love" embodies the summer love you had or wish you had as a hopelessly romantic teenager. Just the boys and an acoustic guitar, this song is incredibly nostalgic.

4. "Does He Know?"

If you've heard "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield than "Does He Know?" is the modern-day version of it. This song is quite rock influenced and the nights of dominating at the air-guitar are to come while listening to "Does He Know?".

5. "Better Than Words"

This is a frisky song, which shows the adult side of the members of One Direction. Fans had the ability to see the band transform into adults throughout the album "Midnight Memories". As fans observed the development in music with the rock tune of "Better Than Words".

6. "Steal My Girl"

This song is an absolute bop, I remember when "Steal My Girl" released I died and came back to life. My sixteen-year-old self felt life after hearing this iconic song, which showcased the changing sound of One Direction in the album "Four". Also, I used to imagine myself as the love interest of all the boys in One Direction, which kept me going during the days of high school.

7. "Little Things"

The tears are literally falling down my eyes as I listen to this corny, but a romantic song that dominated my life at fifteen-years-old. Now, listening to the song at twenty-years-old, I realize are quite cheesy but I lived for those words sung by One Direction. My imperfections were beautiful and that's what One Direction taught me.

These seven One Direction songs dominated my teenage years as I sat in my room crying, smiling, and dancing to these tunes. I hope you listen to these seven songs or at least one and think of me, young Aby thriving to the words of One Direction.

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