I Outgrew Some Of My Closest Friendships And I'm Ok With It
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Growing Up Meant I Outgrew Some Of My Closest Friendships — Here's Why I'm Honestly OK With That

It is perfectly fine to outgrow friendships. Your happiness means the most.

Growing Up Meant I Outgrew Some Of My Closest Friendships — Here's Why I'm Honestly OK With That
Peyton Davis

Growing up most people start out with huge friend groups and have lots of friends you think you will have forever but as you grow older the close friendships become smaller and smaller.

It can be hard to recognize that you may have not spoken to some people you used to not be able to go a minute without speaking to.

Growing older means recognizing that some people and some friendships were fun at one point in your life but you may outgrow them. Some of these friendships may have brought you happiness initially but some start to become more work to maintain than am an actual friendship.

It can be hard to wrap your head around the fact some friendships have an expiration date.

These friendships may have been exactly what you needed at the time but as you grow more you realize that it is not worth the hassle anymore. It is perfectly OK to outgrow people. People are constantly changing and so are you so someone may have felt right for you in one moment and not anymore.

You may recognize that you have more differences than you have similarities.

Of course, differences are good in friendships too friends should not agree but you also should recognize when you both are no longer getting any value out if that friendship and that the differences one each other are too much to keep a healthy friendship anymore.

Outgrowing people does not mean you cannot speak to that person or hang out with that person. It means recognizing that you need to start putting your own self and your own happiness before that person.

You have to recognize that you are putting more effort into a friendship than they are.

You need to step back and let it be OK that you do not speak every day. It is OK to also take a break from a friendship. If it is causing you more stress to be friends with someone then it is time to step back and recognize this.

Obviously, some friendships are worth fighting for and not allowing you to outgrow them but also it is still important to notice when you are the only one putting in effort into that friendship.

Outgrowing people is a normal aspect of just getting older.

Outgrowing seriously does not mean that the person is still not important to you. You can still care about them but also notice you need to at some point put yourself first and let them notice you are missing from their life.

Let them reach out for a change instead of the other way around. It is hard to take a step back from people and say goodbye to good friendship but it is always OK to put yourself first and do not let someone else determine your happiness.

Friendships will come and go for-sure bur you will recognize the best ones because they will feel effortless.

These friendships will not be a hassle to maintain and will make you feel calm inside. It is always OK to outgrow people and choose yourself first.

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