things only new jerseyans understand

Going to school in the south, I noticed so many small things that made New Jersey so unique. Not only being a suburb of one of the greatest cities in the world (New York), but everything that comes with New Jersey makes it my favorite place to come home to.

If you're not from New Jersey you probably won't fully understand the importance of a good bagel or how you spent most of your Friday nights in high school, but here are just a few of the many things that make New Jersey so special.

1. The morning after going out with your friends are spent at a diner

A good old New Jersey diner actually has anything you can possibly think of. After a long night with friends the best part about that you're next morning is sitting in the booth of a diner reflecting on your night.

2. Train rides to the city were always the best times

Having NJ transit bring able to take you into the city in 30 minutes definitely came in handy.

3. You can only get an actual Taylor Ham, egg, and cheese in New Jersey

Nothing beats a bagel from New Jersey let alone a Taylor ham egg and cheese. When you're not in New Jersey don't even bother trying to order one, it's just not the same.

4. Friday night lights is a real thing in New Jersey

Most of my Friday nights in high school were spent at football games where my friends and I would literally go all out to the different themes that the different teams would have. I really don't think anywhere else does high school football like New Jersey.

5. The five malls all within 5 miles of each other come in clutch

Yes, five malls within five miles of each other! If you can't find something at one, don't worry there are four others.

6. The Jersey Shore

When people think of New Jersey they usually think of "the jersey shore." It is where most people from New Jersey spend their summers, but it is also one of the most memorable places in New Jersey. From walking down the boardwalk and getting a two-foot-long slice of pizza, to passing the Jersey Shore house hoping to see Snooki or Pauly D, the Jersey shore has it all.

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