Growing up in West Palm Beach, there's a lot of things I've learned there that can't quite be applied to any other place. Growing up in Florida was a blessing and a curse, but I wouldn't have traded it for the world. If you plan on visiting or even moving, you should know the ABC's of the state.

A is for Amelia Island

B is for, well, Beach

C is for Castillo de San Marcos Fort

 D is for Daytona Beach

E is for the Everglades

F is for Fort Lauderdale

G is for Gators

H is for Hurricanes

I is for Islands of Adventure

J is for Jacksonville

K is for Kennedy Space Center

L is for Lion Country Safari

M is for Manatees

N is for National Parks

O is for the Overseas Highway

P is for Publix

Q is for Quality Relaxing Time


R is for Resorts

S is for Sunfest

T is for Tons of Bad Drivers

U is for Universal Studios

V is for Very Hot

W is for Walt Disney World

X is for Animals (X)ings

Y is for Yachts

Z is for Zoos