Growing up with two younger brothers was an experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world. It wasn’t always smooth sailing, though.

I have a theory that the more you fight growing up, the more you love each other later.

And boy would we fight over everything. Whether it be deciding what TV show to watch, to whom the stuffed animal actually belonged to, who got the last cookie, who had to take a bath first… You name it, we fought over it.

We lived to drive each other crazy. It was our greatest pastime to do everything in our power to piss the other one off and our greatest pleasure to receive the satisfaction of watching the blowup that followed.

If you had asked me then, I probably would have said I absolutely hated having brothers. I would have said I wanted to be an only child, or I wish I had sisters because they’re less annoying than boys.

All I can say today is that I’m so thankful to have the brothers I do.

I mean, what else would I have done with myself if I didn’t have younger brothers to mess with?

Where would all my entertainment have come from if there was no one to say funny things, play make-believe with, or run around screaming like madmen when I was trying to do work?

We definitely fought a lot, but now we have so many memories to laugh about and so many reasons to bond and build a closer relationship.

I’m beyond proud of the kind, sensitive and thoughtful teenage boys they’ve grown up to be. And It brings me so much joy to go home and hear whats going on in their lives, and see that they’re truly interested in what’s going on in mine.

I knew I’d miss my younger brothers when I left for college, but I didn’t realize that I’d miss them as friends. I miss going to soccer games every weekend, I miss listening to sports and only sports, I miss the classic boy fart jokes and gross humor.

If there is one thing I could go back and change about the past couple years, I would spend more time with my brothers. Whether that be more family games nights, movie nights, or playing soccer with them in the backyard.

I may not have known it at the time, but I know now that there’s no other way I would have wanted to grow up and no other people I would have preferred to have made my childhood memories with. I can’t wait to see the young men and amazing people they grow up to be, and I look forward to growing closer and closer as we laugh about all the stupid fights and funny memories of our childhood.