The other day, I was in class watching a film. The scene we were on was pretty goofy, so the room was filled with a lot of laughter. At an especially goofy part, the majority of the class roared with laughter, that is, except one girl who turned to her friends and said, "this literally isn't even funny." Just like in a bad high school drama movie, all of her friends stopped.

I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed. It couldn't have been more annoying if it had been scripted. We're in college, and literally, no one in that class is a freshman. These are all seasoned college students that are acting like insecure high schoolers. It got me thinking about identity and when a person feels confident enough to be their own person.

I think college is a great place to start practicing this. For the most part, you're on your own anyway. You're away from your parents, you get to make your own decisions, and you've begun planning for the rest of your life. College should be a time to get to know yourself. You should take an interest in hobbies and join clubs. You should date and see what's out there. You should take time for yourself and your mental health.

Please don't allow yourself to be defined by others, that is such a high school move. College should be a time of confidence. You shouldn't try to mirror what others are doing. Mind your business and do you.

This spectacle of high school nonsense I witnessed could've totally been avoided had these girls not cared about what their friend was thinking. Not everyone is going to agree with your tastes, so who cares? If you think a song is good, listen to it! If you think an outfit looks good, wear it! And, of course, if you think a movie is funny, laugh!