8 Disgusting Things People Do In Victoria's Secret Fitting Rooms
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8 Of The Grossest Things I've Seen And Smelled In Victoria's Secret Fitting Rooms

A list of things I could have lived without experiencing.

8 Of The Grossest Things I've Seen And Smelled In Victoria's Secret Fitting Rooms

In my two years of working at Victoria's Secret, I have found many disgusting things in the fitting rooms. Here is a few of the worst. As a disclaimer, I washed my hands twice for each of these occurrences.

Tags and sensors

The fitting rooms are the place where people can go to get some privacy so they can shoplift. There's nothing we can do. We can't refuse to give them a fitting room. All day, we have to go into the rooms and check on top of the mirrors and under the benches and rugs for tags and sensors, they may have left in their room.

This is just disgusting because of the nerve of people stealing.

Big-ass messes

Paige Preheim

Did your mom never teach you to clean up after yourself? Last time I checked, this isn't your living room that you can leave everything all over the floor for me to clean up... Even if it was I'm sure that doesn't cut it in your house...

Then all the clothes are inside out and still warm from the person who tried them on.


I swear people don't shower. I'll try to check someone's fit when I measure them for a bra and almost pass out because the smell just slaps you in the face.

Having Febreeze on hand is imperative at this job.

Used disposable panties

When people try on panties they are supposed to use the disposable panties that we provide to try on. Sometimes people use them and leave them on the floor in their room even though we offer them a trash can right there in the fitting room area...

The whole point of the disposable panty is so people don't spread their vag germs in the panties, but we have to pick your used panty that touched your hoo-ha?


There was a month of time last summer where we had three cases of pee in the fitting rooms and only once was it a child. You open the door and it's just a big rush of piss smell in your face and you just know.

We have to clean it up and shut that fitting room down until we can get someone in the store to sanitize the room.

Bloody panties

The other night, I opened a fitting room and someone had left a mess. I went to close down the fitting room by propping the door open with the stool, and under the stool was someone's nasty, bloody, Walmart panties which they had obviously switched out for a fresh stolen pair and left their old ones.

I literally almost walked out of the store never to look back.

Actually, blood in general

One day I opened a room and someone had left some leggings and some other things on the floor in the room. I start cleaning the room out. I pick up the leggings, and they feel kind of wet for some reason. I look closely at them and realize they have MF blood all over them. I then look at our rug underneath and there's period blood all over the rug...

This girl started her period and tried to clean herself up with a pair of leggings then left the pair of leggings for me to clean up. That's like a biohazard.


Every once in a while someone will try on some panties or lingerie and leave behind a little yellowish present for us to find, and it gets damaged out and thrown away immediately... I simply don't understand.

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