Gross Food Combinations
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Mayonnaise-Flavored Ice Cream And 9 Other Combinations That Should Never Exist

There is no reason for people to "Frankenstein" their food.


Like many people, I enjoy trying out different types of food. The combinations of ingredients and seasonings are some of the things that make food delicious. However, over the years people have created insane food combinations that are less than appetizing. These are some of the craziest food creations that actually exist.

1. Bacon coated with chocolate

This certainly is a strange combination of two of the things that Americans love, bacon and chocolate. Bringing a breakfast and dessert item together is a mistake and would cause people to question why this is even a thing. There are just some food items that should be eaten separately. Anyone that eats this really should monitor their cholesterol and possibly seek help from a nutritionist.

2. Hot dog crust pizza

Pizza is tasty to eat, but for those who feel uncomfortable ordering a pizza stuffed with miniature cheeseburgers, there is also one stuffed with hot dogs. Just when you thought that stuffing pizza crust with plain cheese was too much (it's covered in cheese already!), it keeps getting worse. If you are courageous enough, go ahead and try a slice.

3. Donut burger

Burgers are good and so are donuts. The fact that someone used Krispy Kreme donuts as a bun for a burger is crazy. Not a sandwich that I would eat. This is an extreme mix of sweet and salty. If the look of the burger does not scare you than the amount of calories will. It is between 800 and 1500. By choosing to eat this for lunch, you can skip dessert.

4. Peanut butter pizza

Seriously, this one is unbelievable. Who mixes peanut butter, chocolate, and pizza? That is gross. The peanut butter is served underneath the cheese, but you can probably still taste the crunchiness or creaminess of the peanut butter. It is almost as if people cannot wait for dessert anymore so they decide to mix it or anything else that is sweet with their dinner.

5. Lobster ice cream

Lobsters are good, and anyone who has eaten one would know that it is normally served with butter and possibly other side dishes. Lobster ice cream is another thing. Like other foods, lobsters should not be placed in a cup of ice cream or a cone.

6. Pickle snow cone

Pickles should only be served on burgers or as a side order with sandwiches. Putting them in a snow cone is just disgusting. What is wrong with just having a snow cone with flavored ice, like strawberry, cherry, or lemon?

7. Mayonnaise ice cream

Here is yet another ice-cream flavor that should not exist at all. You could say that Hellman's has frozen over. Mayonnaise belongs as a condiment. Why do people think it would be good for ice cream? It is great for tuna and chicken salad, and the competitor of condiments like ketchup, mustard, relish, sauerkraut, and salad dressings. Keep mayonnaise out of ice cream.

8. Chocolate gravy and biscuits

Substituting gravy with chocolate is a mistake. Biscuits are usually eaten for breakfast or as an afternoon snack. Unless you ran out of butter, jelly, or gravy, putting chocolate on biscuits might result in you not getting invited out for brunch anymore.

9. Cheez Whiz on toast

If you are going to eat Cheez Whiz, put it on crackers, chips, or pretzels. You do not have to eat it for breakfast. It seems that people make these weird combos just to see what it's like. Putting cheese on a bacon and egg sandwich would be enough.

10. Nutella and cheese grilled sandwich

Having grilled cheese is okay if you order it with a cup or bowl of soup. If you want Nutella, just put it on crackers. What is it with people and crazy obsessions with chocolate in everything? It does not have to be mixed with other foods. We already have brunch. Just stop trying to put breakfast, lunch, or dinner blended with dessert. It will only result in a culinary disaster.

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