Dear younger girls who are in their teens and who need a role model,

I suggest Gretchen Wilson.


Gretchen Wilson is a person for younger women who need to know that women can be better than men and they do not need a man in their life.

As her song goes... "No, I don't need no designer tag; To make my man want me; You may think I'm trashy; A little too hard core But in my neck of the woods; I'm just the girl next door."

Young girls think they need a man in their life...honestly, you do not need one!

Look around you, you can survive on your own. "So here's to all my sisters; Out there keeping it country; Let me get a big "hell yeah" from the redneck girls; Like me"

Honestly... if you're like Wilson... you got it made.

Honestly, She hasn't been married or anything, and she's doing just fine!

To the young girls who are waiting for a guy to come along, you don't need a man to keep you company, you have your best friends and can work yourself on your own.