The Green Capsule Bible
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The Green Capsule Bible

If "Money" had a bible, would this be it? Nah, it would be more expensive. Ahem, excuse me, I meant, expansive.

The Green Capsule Bible

“Money” is a forcible time traveler, and it arrives in bundles of pale, papery olive rectangles, leaning stacks of dull silver, metal circles that steam roll our hopes, dreams, & desires into a singular, uniform, 2-D plane (Poetic, right? Oh, no need to tell me, I know I’m humble). Our ideas are unique, intricate expressions of the human mind, yet in a simple transaction, they become nothing more than two grubby hands, exchanging dirt, for more dirt: It gives us illusions that help us assert other illusions, and through this mirage, ‘civilized’ society is created, a unifier that pulls us closer together in our loathing (whether that’s self-loathing, or just general loathing, that remains to be seen).

“Money” relies on an ‘ownership’ concept, where we make a point of establishing boundaries to our mental, and physical belongings (Don’t mind my preaching voice; I’ve found my calling, apparently). If I paint a dog, I ‘own’ the painting, regardless if thousands before me have painted with the same technique, used the same utensils, or even drew the same dog. How can there be an owner, if the canvas, easel, brushes, and acrylic paint, are all collections of someone else’s toil, or of a machinery’s labor? How can there be an owner if the same toil, or labor, is also a collection of something much simpler, say, plants, chemicals, minerals? (good question…hmm…) While the artist may move their tools in an original manner, and design novel illustrations, they are simply adding onto a piece of artwork, already constructed. In that sense, beauty works like an additive and art is the beauteous compilation of crafts (So does that mean my lazy scribbles across my notebooks count as words, which count as doodles, which count as art? Well, time to invest in some more notebooks, I’m an artist, guys!).

“Money” pushes people to relinquish their individual interests, for the ‘greater’ good. Plants need to be harvested, trees need to be logged, and paper needs to be made (Like my subtle transition here?). Without wood, there is no means to create paper, yet paper is already created, in the fine fibers of a tree’s trunk. Paper is essentially, chopped down and carved out, to construct paper again, in a fashion that pleases the human eye. “Why settle for something that simply ‘is’, when we can refashion it?” is the Green Capsule’s motto. -And why indeed? Our inventiveness as a species, might be the result of acquiring a knack to reform, reshape, repurpose objects. It bleeds into our lives as a perpetual attractiveness to new, and newer innovations that surface, and resurface (This might explain the strong appeal to iPhones, the higher up they get in numeral status…hmm…).

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