I Am A Greek Student, But You Know Nothing About Me

I Am A Greek Student, But You Know Nothing About Me

I am so tired of hearing the ridiculous stereotypes, expectations, and assumptions.

I am a young woman.

I am in college.

I am in a sorority.

Stop assuming you know me.

I am so tired of hearing the ridiculous stereotypes, expectations, and assumptions every single person feels they are entitled to throw my way.

Newsflash: you know nothing about me.

Here's the truth.

While I can only really speak for my chapter and my campus, I can tell you these statements are all wrong here. Do people break the rules? Yes. Are there repercussions for breaking said rules? Yes. But that's life and being in college!

"Sororities do not allow alcohol in their chapter facilities...but we all know that's not true."

Sororities are dry, meaning we are not allowed to have alcohol or drugs on chapter property, ever. Case closed.

"I know what you all do on the weekend."

Not all of us go out every weekend?? I don't go out and drink at fraternities, in fact, I haven't been on fraternity property all semester. Some women go out all the time and some never leave the house. None of us care who goes out and who does not. Why are you so obsessed with "proving" all Greek students love to party more than your average college kid?

"You guys are policy compliant? Yeah, no, I know you really aren't."

Hi there. My chapter is policy compliant, you twat. We do not have exchanges with alcohol, we do not haze, we do not force people to go out, we do not spend chapter funds to purchase alcohol, we do not sponsor events that serve minors alcohol. We are policy compliant and proud to be, so stop telling me that we aren't.

"Students only go Greek to party."

I did not go Greek to party. Call me cliche, basic and a faker, but I joined my chapter to build my family. I had nobody at this school who cared about me, and I needed that. Through my chapter, I have found my people, and, guess what? We don't need alcohol to have fun. We would much rather watch movies under a heated blanket with snacks than brave the subzero temperatures in a miniskirt and heels like you think everyone does.

"___ is why all Greek chapters are the same and need to be shut down."

Stop right there. Just, stop. You know nothing about my chapter. I cannot defend every single chapter and sorority woman out there, but I can and will defend mine. We are all different. We all have values and philanthropies and sisterhoods and stupid late-night memories spent watching tv shows in the lounge. We do not deserve to be shut down.

Being Greek doesn't give college kids drug addictions.

Being Greek doesn't send kids to the hospital for overdosing.

Being Greek doesn't make someone a rapist.

Being Greek is not the problem here. Stop taking the easy way out by pointing your fingers at all Greek students. Take responsibility and look at the actual cause of the problems on your campus instead of trying to uncover another reason why you are so much better than every Greek student.

Cover Image Credit: Courtney Wasmund

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10 Things You Need To Stop Saying To Girls With Tattoos

Mind your own business and life will be gravy.

What is it about other people that make them feel entitled to tell you how to live your life or what to put on your body. If it's parents or another close family member and you aren't in a state to make the rational decisions for yourself, that is one thing... But if you are perfectly capable to think and act on your own, who are they to stop you?

I have four tattoos right now, do I want more? Yes. Will I get more in the future? More than likely. Should you tell me that I shouldn't? No.

1. But you're so pretty...

Is this a roundabout way to insult me? Because I wouldn't look the same with or without the tattoos? Because having tattoos somehow makes women less pretty? Whatever you're getting at, please stop.

2. I don't understand the meaning of your tattoo.

That's okay because it isn't for you to understand. That is why it is on my body. I understand the meaning, and the ones I care enough about to explain it to also understand the meaning, therefore, you don't need to.

3. Aren't you worried about them sagging or running together or becoming unrecognizable when you are older?

No, no I am not. They do and always will hold a special meaning in my heart, whether you can tell what it is or not. I will always know. It is no secret that the older you get the more the skin sags. If you care that much, then I'll just show you pictures of what they used to look like, and it will give me a good way to reminisce about my younger days.

4. Do you only date guys with tattoos?

No, I don't. But, it just so happens that my boyfriend has one, and we have been together since before either one of us got tattoos. He did actually get a little hotter after the fact, but that is beside the point.

5. Did it hurt?

No, I just had a needle being rapidly punctured into my skin at who knows how many times per second.

YES, it hurts.

But, not for long, and to me, that might even be the appeal of getting tattoos because it is nice to feel pain every once in a while to remind ourselves we are all human and we all bleed red.

Yes, depending on the spot and your body type sometimes you bleed. I got my first tattoo on my rib cage, and I got my second tattoo a short few months later, not to say they didn't hurt but for me, the end result outweighs the pain in that moment.

Pain is temporary, but tattoos are forever.

6. What do your parents think?

Whatever they want to think, honestly. Luckily, I'm fortunate enough to have parents who love me for who I am regardless of my tattoos.

With that being said, they all have tattoos themselves.

They can give me their opinion on the design I choose, but at the end of the day, I am an adult and they aren't going to love me any less if I were to get a tattoo that is not appealing to them.

7. You're going to have such a hard time finding a job.

Actually, I have a job, I know plenty of people in their "adult" jobs that have tattoos and mine are all easily covered if the problem ever arises. Also, you don't know me or my career goals so once again, who are you to tell me about my life?

8. I'm thinking of getting [insert tattoo here], what do you think?

You do you, boo boo. If you like it, GREAT. If it has or doesn't have meaning to you, also GREAT. I don't want you telling me or judging me on the tattoos I decide to put on my body, so I'm sure as hell not going to do it to you.

I may not think it would be good to put on my body, but once again, I am not the one getting it, you are... So have at it!

9. Why would you waste your money on those things?

Idk Sarah, why do you waste money on that expensive ass bottle of liquor knowing it's going to be gone in a few hours, and you will feel like crap the next day? At least mine is permanent and makes me feel empowered ALL THE TIME, unlike your alcohol, that is temporary.

10. When are you going to stop?

When are you?

They all have a very special meaning to me. I won't get a tattoo that doesn't have meaning to me but I WILL NOT judge you for doing it. Because who am I to tell you what to do with your own body. So stop saying these things to women.

Mind ya own business and life will be gravy.

Cover Image Credit: Kayce Davis

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I Didn't Join A Panhellenic Sorority

It's okay if you don't join a panhellenic sorority. Sometimes a different organization can turn out to be the best thing.


Before going to college I was faced with a dilemma, should I rush? I wanted to rush just for the social aspect, I thought it would be my best shot at making a bunch of friends. However, deep down I knew that greek life really wasn't me. I didn't want to do something if I wasn't one hundred percent behind it. There was a part of me that did want to be in a sorority but the other part of me really didn't want to rush. Let me be clear, I don't think Greek life is bad, I just think it wasn't for me. I talked to my brother and sister-in-law about this because they both were in Greek life at the college I attend now; they told me that they didn't think I would like it either.

What my brother and sister-in-law told me that I might like was, a Christian sorority called Sigma Phi Lambda. When they described it to me it seemed like exactly what I was wanting. As soon as I got to college I sought them out; and I went to their recruitment nights. I loved it! It was exactly what I was looking for. I ended up joining. This sorority brought me an amazing group of friends! Most importantly, I have joined the perfect sorority for me! A few things I liked most about Sigma Phi Lambda was the people were so welcoming, it was more low key and laid back, I was still able to have a big and a "Pham", we still did lots of sorority things whilst also having activities that strengthened us on our walks with the Lord, and I gained so many sisters that I now have strong relationships with. Sigma Phi Lambda gave me so many friends and something to be involved in on campus. They gave me somewhere to belong and I am so glad I chose to join them.

Rushing may be exactly what you need when you go to college, but if it's not that is okay. Just join something that makes you happy. Join an organization that helps you grow and surrounds you with people that you want to be around. I promise when you get to college that there is an organization for just about everything, find the one that fits you. No matter what you choose I promise it's good. Just make sure you choose what is right for you.

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