Let's just take a hot minute to stop and think about the place we call home: the good ole' USA. I feel like lately there has been a lot of shade thrown on the United States. The media is always pointing out what is bad about this country. Though everything has it's pros and cons, I think we should all take some time and think and be thankful about this beautiful country we call home, and what great things lie within it.

1. We have almost every type of ecosystem here.


We have the Rocky Mountains, Appellation Mountains, east coast and west coast beaches, and deserts just to name a few. What other country in the world can say that they have all of that?

2. We are very road trip friendly.


People from other countries are just fascinated that in the United States you can just get in the car and drive. We don't have to worry about checkpoints when going from state to state, all we do is pass a sign on the highway! We can go anywhere in the country in a car. Its a lot cheaper than paying for a plane ticket too.

3. We have football season.


Football season is very unique to the United States. It brings us something to look forward to on the weekends, and we can route for our home teams. Plus, we are basically the only country in the world that has (American) football season. Other countries may look at us in confusion, but we don't care, because this is 'merica. (Go Packers)

4. Everyone wants to come to America at least once in their life, and we get to live here.


When I have met people from other countries and I tell them that I am from America, they are always a little struck that we are. I've always been those people that "I've always wanted to go to America". Want to know why? Because it's awesome here! We love life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

5. We have access to education.


Though public school is free up to 12th grade, we still have access to higher education afterwards, and much of the world doesn't have that kind of opportunity.

6. We have SO MUCH SPACE.


You may not feel like this if you live in the city, but my goodness, the USA is one big chunk of land. If you go to places especially out west, you will know what I mean. It can take hours to get from one town to another, and there is nothing in between. Think of the population density in China. Its jam-packed there. Here, we really have room to stretch out our wings without touching the person next to us.

7. Not only do we have national pride, but we have state pride too.


"When you say Wisconsin, you've said it all!" Also, there can be state rivalries too (like Illinois vs. Wisconsin, but we all know which state is better).

8. We invented some of the greatest foods you will ever eat.


Donut holes, mac n cheese, ranch, meatloaf, and of course, we love our burgers.

9. We are back to back World War Champions.


What other country can say that they have done that?

10. We invented things that have changed the world forever.


Electricity, lightbulbs, cars, airplanes, microwaves, and those are only just a few.

11. We drive the film industry.


Yes, the rest of the world does make movies in their own countries (Like Bollywood) but blockbusters come only from Hollywood, California, USA.

12. The concept of the 'American Dream' is aspired everywhere.


You don't have to live in America, or be American to have the American Dream mentality. It is what drives an individual to be successful no matter where you are from. The mentality has inspired millions around the world.

13. We love to party.


No matter what day of the week it is, what holiday or special event it is, we always find an excuse to party.

14. We have clean water!


This seems like such an odd thing to be recognizing, but a lot of the world is going thirsty, and we are lucky enough to have clean water right at our finger tips. Let's raise a glass, shall we?

15. We are loud, but we embrace it.


A lot of other countries may think that Americans are annoying, but who cares? We are here for a good time, and us being loud is just part of who we are.

16. We are free.


Thanks to our founding fathers, we can really do whatever we want here. Want to build a castle? Sure. Want to be a race car driver? Go ahead. Follow your American Dream.

17. We have a rich history.


America as a whole really isn't that old compared to the rest of the world, and considering how young we are as a nation, and what has happened over that course of time, makes us full of some awesome history.

18. We were the first to have walked on the frickin' moon.


Just awesome.

19. American flag everything.


American flag shirts, pants, hats, cars, notebooks, buildings, you name it. We take pride in our flag.

20. We are all a little redneck.

Homemade redneck yacht


Who doesn't love a good bonfire, cookout, hunting, big trucks, and shotgunning beers? We might make fun of it but we all deep down secretly love it.

Least can I say, America is awesome, and we are proud to be Americans no matter what is going on in the world.