7 Music Videos That Will Make You Love The Songs Even More Than You Already Do
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7 Music Videos That Will Make You Love The Songs Even More Than You Already Do

The songs are amazing, but the music videos are what make them perfect.

7 Music Videos That Will Make You Love The Songs Even More Than You Already Do

We all have songs that when we hear it, we can't help but turn it up all the way and jam. If you are anything like me, you will probably scream-sing the song too. But what can make a song even more incredible is the music video that the artist will put out for the song. It can be an artistic masterpiece, tell a story, or even just be full of awesome visuals! When I see a new music video is put out, I immediately get excited. These are seven of my favorite music videos that made the song all the more incredible for me to experience.

1. Bebe Rexha: "I'm A Mess"

Okay, if you know me at all, you will know that I am OBSESSED with Bebe Rexha. She is my favorite musical artist of all time, I was even one of her first 2,000 YouTube subscribers. Yes I'm crazy, but that's how I know of her. In general her music videos all have an extremely unique and artistic concept behind them, and this one is no different. "I'm A Mess" is a song all about, well, being a mess for someone because you love them so much. The music video takes influence from an insane asylum and glams it up for a pop hit that the star is known for creating. What one would think would be a rather creepy concept, actually turns out to be a bonified popstar video that will make you love the song if you didn't already.

2. Tinashe feat. Chris Brown: "Player" 

Tinashe is another one of my personal favorite artists. An up-and-comer in the pop/r&b world, she is a great vocalist and quite the dancer. Her songs always have a way about getting in a good mood. This music video stars Tinashe going up against various competitors in "rounds" in a danceoff. The song features incredible choreography to go with the futuristic beat that the song has, and has incredible visuals.


I am one of those Americans who is going insane over a K-pop group. I can't understand half of what they say, but the song combined with the music video is POPPIN. BLACKPINK is a K-pop girl-group who I fell in love with back in 2016 when they first debuted. They have become known for their incredible vocals, rapping abilities, choreography, and visuals. This music video is guranteed to get you hooked on these girls, it's just that good. I mean, they wear incredible outfits, and rap on top of diamond-studded cannons, it's just exactly what you wouldn't expect from a K-pop group, and it's awesome!

4. The Veronicas: "You Ruin Me"

If you're in the mood to cry, then you should definitely watch this music video. I first found The Veronicas about 3 years ago when I stumbled upon this music video on YouTube one night, and this music video made me tear up. The song is all about having the one you love cheat on you and your heart being broken. It's a piano ballad mostly sung by one of the twin sisters, until the other comes in towards the end of the song.

The song tugs at the heartstrings, but the music video takes it to another level. The music video features the twins as ballet dancers in a ballet company, one of them becomes romantically involved with the instructor, begins an affair with him, and believes it's love. But as tragic music videos would have it, he cheats on her. The video shifts from the girls in their dressing room wearing a white fluffy dressing robe, to being on stage in black and white sheer gowns, to being in the ballet room. It is a truly beautiful music video that really makes you feel like you are there experiencing the story of the song.

5. Backstreet Boys: "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"

If you don't know who this boy-band is, I am totally ashamed of you. They are ICONIC and making their comeback as we speak! They are the original One Direction, they may be older than 20s, but they still make you swoon with this stadium-ready song. It features the boys all swagged out, dancing, and pleading to not break their heart. It's so boy-band, I don't know how else to describe it. The music video is here to show that Backstreet Boys are back and better than ever.

6. Nicki Minaj feat. Ariana Grande: "Bed"

Nicki Minaj just released her latest album titled "Queen", and in this music video for the hit song, she truly is a queen. Minaj has always been known for her artistic side and eye-catching attire, but her visuals in this video are to DIE FOR. Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande already makes us all scream, but the two of them secuding us in a tropical paradise, and looking fierce while doing so, is just too much. Plus, Nicki goes as a mermaid for some of the scenes, that enough should be enough for you to click the "watch" button.

7. David Guetta feat. Anne-Marie: "Don't Leave Me Alone"

David Guetta always produces a banger when he releases a song, but he also has an artistic eye for music videos. I found this music video features Anne-Marie singing, distraught over a lover who is no longer there with her. She finds a set of futuristic goggles that transports her to a time and place where she is reuinited with her lover. The music video features some incredible visuals, an even better story, and Anne-Marie looking FLAWLESS. Like seriously, she is on the rise and keep an eye out for her!

These are just some of my personal favorites lately, but there are so many music videos that are incredible that I didn't include because my list would just be too much! These music videos may all be in the pop/EDM/r&b section of music, but I feel they are truly works of art. Music has the power to put us in moods, and it even creates music videos that are works of art to be admired and viewed.

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