10 Reasons I Love My Grandmothers
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10 reasons I Will Forever Love my grandmothers

A bond that cannot be broken and a relationship we are all so thankful for.

10 reasons I Will Forever Love my grandmothers
Allison Blythe

1. You taught me how to cook.

All of my grandmothers have all taught me a little bit about cooking. My mammy taught me how to take my time when cooking because there is a secret behind those perfect Christmas tree cookies and baklava. My nana has taught me that we have to cook everything with lots of love and lots of butter. After all, she's the one who owns a restaurant and obviously knows what she's doing. My great-grandma Powell taught me how to fix a big breakfast and fill up the whole families bellies within minutes.

2. You’ve shown me that a little retail shopping can fix a bad day.

Some days are just bad, and if I wasn't having the best day, my grandmothers would almost always take me shopping to make the day seem just a little bit better. A girl can never have too many clothes, shoes, or jewelry (said every grandmother). A little retail therapy never hurt anyone, right?

3. You’ve taught me that you’re never too old to learn a new skill.

One thing I always loved about each of my grandmothers is that they all would try something new if the opportunity came. Whether it was learning how to jump rope, learning to use an iPhone, learned to use a computer, or going on a cruise. They all would give it a shot whether they succeeded or not.

4. You’ve taught me to never be afraid to travel.

My grandmothers and I have never been afraid to travel. From Washington DC to Europe, we never have turned down a trip to travel. You don't necessarily have to have a plan on what you're doing when you get somewhere. Just get in a car or on a plane, and go! Sometimes the most spontaneous trips, are the best trips!

5. You are always so proud of me.

My grandmothers have told me how proud they are and how important I am to them. Even as many times as I have screwed up, they still love me unconditionally. Grandmothers can build up your self-esteem in a heart beat. They'll tell you how beautiful you are inside and out and tell you that you are the best gift.

6. You’ve taught me what it means to love.

Not just to love my family or a significant other, but to love everyone. I was always told to treat everyone with kindness and love because they were created by the same Maker as I was. You told me to always stand up for others and love others regardless. Everyone has a story and you never know what they've been through in life.

7. You’ve shown me that you are always there for me.

And you were. Every. single. time. When I was a little girl and I wanted to color, play barbie bingo, watch a Disney movie, or play with my American girl dolls, you were there. When I was a teenager and wanted you to be at my guard competition or my musicals, you were there. And even now when I want to talk about college, work, or my relationships, you're always there. You are always willing to be there for me at any time, anywhere and I am ever so thankful.

8. You are always willing to talk to you and just listen when I need you.

I love to call up my grandmothers and just talk. 9 times out of 10 they were just thinking about you and wondering what you were doing. I like to talk about what they've been doing lately and hear their stories. Sometimes they even go into their stories about when they were a kid. It is just the coolest thing to hear about their childhood stories. Some of my favorite memories with my grandmothers is just sitting there and having a good conversation. It always makes their day so much brighter when their grandkids give them a call.

9. You’ve taught me to always live with poise and grace.

From day one, my grandmothers have always taught me manners. You taught me my please and thank you's, my table etiquette, and how to present myself with grace and elegance. You have taught me how to live with strength and dignity and live without fear of the future. So thank you for instilling these values into my life.

10. And most of all, you pray for me daily and have always told me to put my relationship with Jesus first.

My grandmothers constantly tell me that they're praying for me. Their faith is steadfast and unrelenting. I know that each and every day, I have a prayer lifted up especially for me. They have taught me that my relationship with Jesus is most important because it is the only relationship that is everlasting. They have readme countless stories in the Bible, taken me to church, and have always taught me that Jesus is with me in every moment of my day. When I'm worried about something, they always tell me to trust God's timing for His plans are greater than mine. And they are right every time.

Allison Blythe

So a big thank you to all you grandmothers out there. Thank you for teaching us so many things about life and loving us with the best kind of love. Thank you for instilling endless values in us that we only have because of you. I know they love us more than anything in the world and would do anything for us granddaughters. What they don't know is, they are just as special to us.

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