As some of you may know, my favorite person passed away at the comfort of her own home in her sleep on August 18th. My grandmother was such an iconic woman of God and she was and forever will be my biggest inspiration.

So many people knew her but unfortunately a lot of them were not able to make her funeral for other reasons. I wanted to turn the words that I spoke about her at the funeral into an article so everyone could read about how she affected so many lives.

On that day, I stood before the people who could make it out there, took a deep breath, and spoke directly from my aching heart.

"Good afternoon. My name is Delaney Moreno and most of you know that I am one of Anita's granddaughters- her youngest to be exact. I would just like to say I've had this speech prepared since my Uncle Charles funeral when I saw that CP was strong enough to speak at his own fathers funeral. That meant a lot to me and I hope that the message that I am going to deliver today will inspire other people to feel at peace like I do for my grandmother.

Not only me but every person she came in contact with could say how remarkable of a woman Anita is because of her teachings, morals, and devotion she has to God himself.

Growing up, my grandmother taught me some of the most important life lessons that she carried with her every single day.

Firstly she taught me how to embrace and enjoy nature. She had such an admiration towards flowers, taking care of them, and making sure they stay healthy. Nothing made her happier than watering those plants and if she noticed that they're looking a little dry, then you better watch out and stay in your lane. But she had a connection to her flowers like I've never seen in my life before. Till this day I believe that her plants were her safe haven. I believe they were a place to give her a literal breath of fresh air and to get her mind off of everything else that went on in her life.

This leads me into her struggles that she dealt with. Like everyone else, my grandmother faced some huge battles throughout her life. She's lived and trusted in God through the loss her children Floyd, Randy, and Freddie as well as a divorce. She handled all of her obstacles with Grace and STILL trusted in God. She had so much on her plate, but never failed to amaze those surrounding her.

Grandma has strength. She is tougher than steel. God gave her this quality so she could get through her job as a nurses aid, take care of her entire family, volunteer, and do everything she could to make others happy all at the same time.

I was reading though Facebook the other night of My moms final post about her, and I never knew just how many individual lives MY grandmother has touched. So many people knew her, inside and out. So many people knew that she was a saint, a real life, walking angel. Her passion, love, kindness, strength, and wisdom radiated. Every single one of you here knew her and are aware of how pure she was and for that I thank God every day for how many people she has touched. I can stand here today and tell you how happy I feel for you to have crossed paths, talked with, and laughed with Anita Davila.

Loved ones. Family. Friends. With my final words I want you all to know one last thing about my grandmother. I want all of you to know that she doesn't want you to feel any sorrow, regret, or pain knowing that she simply is not here on earth with us. She wants all of you to leave here today and go to bed happy, celebrating that she finally gets to meet God and be with him forever. We all know that she couldn't stop talking about and praying to Him and now, she is so excited to get to interact with him face to face. I want you to have peace, love and nothing but support for her as she embarks on a whole other life with God. With that being said, grandma- I have one last thought for you. Thank you for absolutely everything you have taught me, and to everyone you have known. We love you and we all cannot wait to see you again someday."