5 Graduation Gifts That Every Graduate Wants This Year

5 Graduation Gifts That Every Graduate Wants This Year

These gifts are always winners.

Samantha Wolf

There are some gifts that are just timeless; they are perfect for every occasion.

Then there are gifts that are timeless gifts for gradation. Every graduate is extremely thankful for these gifts. They are either something that they can use over and over or they are something that let's them do something they like without having to fork over their own money.

The top five graduation gifts that every grad is sure to love are all right here. Look no further, these gifts will satisfy even the pickiest of grads.

1. CASH.

COLD HARD CASH. Cha-Ching! I have never heard anyone ever complain, "Oh darn, someone sent my cash :(". Have you? No. Cash is the perfect gift, everyone loves it, everyone can use it and you don't have to worry about it not working in the check out line. It can be spent on anything the grad wants and that always means they'll get something they love.

2. Gift Cards

Right next to cash, gift cards are another great way to ensure your grad get what he or she wants and maybe needs. Food gift cards never go out of style. Free food is something we can all appreciate. Gift cards for items like bedding, towels, decor, school spirit gear, we like 'em all.

3. Electronics and accessories.

Things that will make life easier for your grad are great gifts. Perfect electronics/accessories could be the Amazon Fire Stick for streaming movies, extension cords/surge protectors (you can never have enough outlets), phone chargers, earbuds, portable battery packs, etc...

4. Netflix and/or Hulu.

Give the gift of Netflix or Hulu to your grad this year. We all love watching our favorite tv shows and movies, we love being able to watch them on the go, but we are also too poor for cable or other means of television. Paying for a month or two of their subscription is like giving them your first born, it means a lot.

5. Not to be asked when they're getting married and/or having kids at family events.

Last but not least, the most valuable of them all. I included this one because at every family event, it never fails, "When are you getting married?" "Have you found anyone?" "When are you going to have kids?" "How are you still single?"; these questions are ALWAYS asked. We ALWAYS hate them. This is the most inexpensive gift you can give -- the gift of minding your own business. It's 100% free! It's guaranteed to be the gift that keeps on giving because your grad will be thankful for it even more, the further they get down the road.

Want to know the perfect gift for your grad specifically? All you have to do is ask! More than likely, one of these gifts will be their response, but there is probably something unique that your grad will want.

Think giving cash is too impersonal or doesn't mean as much? Give it your own personal touch by writing a touching letter to your grad, or giving them a gift of something that you can do together like a day trip, or small vacation.

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