I've dipped my hand in the waters of the Inverted Fountain. I can't and won't go back now.

We have this tradition at UCLA involving our beloved and iconic Inverted Fountain. During our student orientations, we place our hands in the churning waters of the interesting piece of architecture with the knowledge that we cannot touch those waters again until after completing our ultimate final and are about to graduate. If you do, you are cursed with an extra quarter added on to your academic year.

Today, I touched the waters because I submitted my final essay for an English college course, and I have nothing else left between that paper and my graduation day.

I transferred to UCLA two years ago, and consequently, had two fewer years than other students at UCLA who began attending their freshman years. I walked past the fountain for my first year often and always thought: 'Maybe it won't be so bad if I have another quarter here. Maybe I'd finally have that college experience people talk about. Maybe I could make more friends and take a more active part on campus. Maybe...I could dip in one toe.'

Like I said, it's been two years and I never touched the water of the Inverted Fountain until literally five hours before I started writing this article. And I am glad for it.

Transferring and making the most out of my two years of UCLA meant that I made the transfer friends that I might not have made otherwise. It meant that I took advantage of all the services available on campus and checked out every nook and cranny, knowing I had less time to explore than my other four-year friends. Honestly, I think I know more about this campus now than most students have known their full four years here.

I was scared at one point that two years wouldn't be enough. But, if you've read any of my previous articles, I think that my appreciation posts for my roommates, the campus and Westwood are enough for me to write future iterations of UCLA college brochures. I love UCLA and all the people that I have met here. I wouldn't have become the woman and adult that I am today without the environment that nurtured me and challenged me and excited me.

I will have left UCLA by the time this article will be posted. I am thankful for my time here and I will not forget any part of it. Thank you, UCLA. Bruins Born, Bruins Bred, Bruins till the day we're dead.