Well this is it. By the time that this article comes out, I will have walked across that stage in Memorial Auditorium and everything will be official. I will have graduated from this wonderful, beautiful place called Concordia College. And you will be reading the last article I will write for Odyssey.

It still doesn't feel real. I keep saying to myself, "You're graduating. You won't be back next year. This is your final week here." But my head just doesn't want to believe it. I still feel like I'm coming back again next year. I don't even feel like this was finals week, honestly. It wasn't much different than any other week.

I think the things that have started to make it real for me is everyone saying goodbye. I've worked with amazing people for the past four years in Dining Services and as I walked through the building today, everyone was saying goodbye to me and wishing me well. I have one more shift on Saturday, but after that, I probably won't be seeing some of these people again and I think that's the one thing that has really made me realize that I'm not coming back. And I think graduation day will be even more of an impact.

I have met so many amazing people here at Concordia whether I've worked with them as a student worker or an intern, or I just had classes with them. Everyone will stay in my mind and I hope that I can keep in touch with some of them through Facebook. I hope they all know how amazing they are and how they have helped to make my college experience the way it is supposed to be. And I hope that they have fantastic lives after I leave as well.

I've had so many great experiences here whether it was winning beats headphones at trivia or going out for drinks with coworkers, I will always have the memories. And I hope that all of you will too. I hope that all of you who are graduating with me will look back on these memories with a smile and then try to live your life with as much enthusiasm and fun as you had in college. Because adult life isn't always supposed to be stressful and continuously tiring. You're supposed to have fun every now and then and I hope that your college experience helps you remember that.

When I walk across that stage on Sunday, I will not only be leaving this college and the life that I have built here, but I will also be starting a new life in a new place. Seattle. I am so excited to experience something new and learn even more about the world by actually living in it and I hope that all of my fellow graduates feel the same way.

So this is to you Concordia. You have filled me with brand new experiences and a new excitement for life. And I don't think I could ever thank you enough for that. It is the most important thing to learn at college and I'm glad that I got to learn it here with so many amazing people.

And now I have to say goodbye. Thanks for the memories and good luck to everyone else graduating. We made it! #rolloutcobbs